From: Amber

December 3, 1998
The Palace
Hollywood, CA

first off i have to say, for california, it was freezing that night. it was really bad with the rain and wind but we stood and waited in line for 2 hours anyway. when i was outside i could hear them doing their sound check. they played a few of the new songs. while we were waiting nathan come out a few times and i waved to him. he kinda smiled and laughed. (in a good way though) later the whole band came out and got in a car to go to dinner. i saw mike and i was just in awe. (he's just too cute) he rode a bike to dinner despite the sprinkling. i didn't even know the whole band was out there till my mom told me they were in the car. i waved to robby and he waved back which was cool. they started letting as in around 8:00 and by then in was raining lightly and it was really cold. they checked stuff at the doors and said i couldn't bring in my water or the powerbar i had got for mike. (ha ha. inside joke)

the show was running late of course but it was ok. then buffalo tom came on and i don't care what other people say but i thought that they were really good. the dolls really did pick some good opening bands. one of the guys, the lead singer, was very vocal with the audience. they were all jumping around and telling as to jump up and down. i just really liked them. and nathan was on the side of the stage signing all of their songs. and i really liked the bass player's shirt. ha ha. they finished their set really with a really good song. i think it was called postcard or maybe it was second to last. but who cares. they were really good. and the audience was really good. they really cheered for them. (they also cheered for the roadies ha ha.)

after waiting a long time the white lights started going and the strange scratchy sound came on the audience went insane and i really got squished against the blockade. oh, it hurt but it was worth it. (i'm still in pain) anyway the guys came on playing "dizzy" of course and they were just amazing. (as usual) during one song robby looked at me held out his water bottle and i got ready to catch it and he threw it to me. i has so happy. and the stage was better then the last show i went to. lots of lights and the backdrop was pretty cool also. and the guys were just having so much fun.

johnny told the name story (a longer version) and i cracked up so much even though i knew what he was gonna say. but robby was laughing really hard too. it was quite funny. maybe because johnny was really animated. and after "name" john introduced the band. when introducing nathan someone was screaming in the audience and nathan explained in was his best friend. i thought that was cool. and then he introduced dave. he told us that dave had just got his first tattoo and was rolling up his sleeves to show us. and then john told him to play that song he hates. he started to play styx and i was just laughing cause they went over and took him away from the keyboard and robby started banging on the it. then john introduced mike as the prettiest girl he knew and mike stood up and everyone was just cheering. then he introduced robby. he said he had known him for 13 years and had been his friend for ten. everyone started laughing especially robby and johnny. then robby introduced johnny as his friend and sometimes bunkmate when they were too cheap to live in separate houses. then went right back and started playing again.

they played some older songs which was too cool. the closed with "2 days in february" with just robby and johnny on stage. while they were singing it wa calm and then it would just explode and the lights were going off all over the place. they were almost done and johnny kept playing the same chords over and over and he explained he was trying to remember the words. robby helped him out and they finished with smashing johnny's guitar and destroying the stage. it was amazing.

when it was over i got another playlist (robby's this time so i got all the songs) and then randy, the girls and i went outside to wait for the band cause we wanted pics and stuff signed. it was really cold. and the rain made it worse but we kept waiting.

we waited for close to an hour and a half then nathan came out and i got him to sign my dizzy cd (he did a few songs on that right?) and i also got a pic with him. he is really nice. and he's a really good father. he has his kids names tattooed on his back. that is just too sweet. and my mom had to embarrass me so she told nathan i was the girl who sang on stage with them in santa ana. he said that was just too cool and that i had started a trend. lol. but he said i was the first one to sing and he would vouch for me. he was just really nice. he also said that the guys were shooting the video for "dizzy". but he said he wasn't going to be in the video cause the undead don't show up well on camera he's just really fun. but he had to go home. he lives in La. so he had his car. (it was i really nice car also)

then robby came out from a party they were having upstairs. he looked a little drunk but i got his autograph on my hold me up cd and i got a pic with him. i told him i was the girl from santa ana and he was like yeah i remember you. he said what i did was badass. it was just too cool. i loved it. it was i really great show. i can't wait till they come back to california.

here's the playlist. (the played more songs this time)

long way down
lazy eye
black balloon
january friend
full forever
2nd time around
flat top (with sweet home alabama)
there you are
burnin' up
just the way you are
hate this place
2 days in february