From: Karen

December 3, 1998
The Palace
Hollywood, CA

I guess the saying is true....the third time's definitely the charm...

I have been lucky enough to catch three of the goo goo dolls' shows this tour, and I would have to say that this one was the best overall. The boys are playing well together, like a finely-tuned piece of machinery!! Nathan and Dave, who were impressive in the beginning, are even more so now. Both have a definite presence on stage. They are not just "hired musicians", they are a part of the team!! Nathan still appears to be as big a fan as the audience. I love his energy and sincerity on stage. He is just having a great time up there!! Dave is an awesome keyboardist. He adds great texture to the songs that is sometimes fun sometimes haunting. Johnny and Robby, well, what more can I really say about them, that hasn't been said show after show after show on this tour. They are truly kindred spirits. They complete each other on stage (see the picture I sent you when they are playing facing each other), and you can just see and feel how they feed off each other's energy. But, I am rambling...

The set appeared to be a new one. I tried to take some pictures of it, but since I only took an inexpensive disposable camera, they aren't so clear. But I sent them anyway, for what it's worth!

The show was full of the now famous antics of both Johnny and Robby...guitar smashing, water throwing, all the fun stuff we expect from the goos. At the end of the show when Johnny was smashing his guitar, Robby was behind the new scenery swinging the window prop and eventually tore the back drop a bit. It did make all of these cool shadows all over the stage while Johnny was destroying his guitar!

Johnny is so charismatic on stage...his story about the song Name had a great message. Hold on to what you believe in and don't let the judgments of anyone else prevent you from being what you want to be!!

As always, it was a great show. I'm envious of all the people on the east coast who will get to see them open for the Rolling Stones! Happy Holidays, everyone!