From: Molly

December 3, 1998
The Palace
Hollywood, CA

If you read anything read this!!!!! The goos communicate sooooo well with the audience that you feel really appreciated and like you're special..Johnny says the most adoribly funny things in the world..he knows what to say and when!!!

When i got there it was only half an hour before the show and there was a huge line but someone let us cut in with her!!! We got in the Palace at about 8:30!!!! It wasn't really that crowded at first (inside) but in about ten minutes it was full and oh my god was i psyched!!!!! On to the concert........the crowd was mostly 18 and older (not me however :) and they were all very cold except for about 30 people in the front. I made sure that i was in the very front so our boys would be able to see me screaming and so that i could see them (i was holding onto the metal bar in front of the stage!) Buffalo Tom took for-ever to come out but when they did they tried to get the crowd into a much more energetic mood because aside from me and my friend there wasn't much enthusiasm!!! Right before our boys came on i noticed all of thier rad stickers!!!! Cool! Anyway......Everyone was all crammed up against eachother in anticipation of the goos and when I saw Johnny putting on the guitar i flipped!!!! I started shouting and screaming and clapping....i was definutly stoked to be there!!

* Then, you heard Johnny's guitar and these really loud chords he was playing and there was dry ice and lights that were rotating and changing directions adding really cool effects.....then there they came.....running onto the stage....they started with dizzy and immediatly the group of people on the left side of the audience and me ( i was on the right) we started jumping and "boping" was great...After this Johnny..showing his pearly whites and awsome smile...yelled "are you guys having a good time???? You seem like you are" it was awsome because then we all started screaming and he played about five songs and went into a little supermarket skit...just one of his many amusing was sooooo cute!!!

Yes...Johnny is the show...he is the main singer with the most beautiful song writter and man in the world!!!! Anyway...for you that are interested in what he was wearing....he wasn't wearing his leather pants, instead he was wearing these absolutly tight great black pants with a black T- shirt with a partially zipped down neck!!! His hair was perfect and he looked even more beautiful than i could ever imagine!!!

*******This concert was soo amazing and they of course ended with Johning smashing one of his electric guitars to pieces which just filled you with a sense of overjoyment!

After Johnny had sung a few more songs after his first little skit (superb skit!) he went on to smile at know that oh sooooo sweet and adorably gorgeous perfect smile that isn't fake at all! Well guess what?.....i'll tell you...he looked at me..i'm not being one of those stupid people that thinks that an artist looked at them when in fact it was just a spot that he happened to look into because the lights were blinding him soooo it wasn't like that at all!!! It made it really easy for him to see me out of the completly still crowd on my side of the stage because i was jumping around to the beat and singing allong.....but..he did actually smile at me and make eye contact with me several times...i think 5 about....but the first time was when he was singing.....the part..." i think i love ya" and and he was scanning the first row of people and i blew him a big kiss to which he responded by giving me his perfect smile and laughing a little through the allong with the other times made me feel like crying...i was soooooo stoked!!!! Well there goes a little of my anxiety attack..

I can honestly say that Johnny loves getting a lot of attention and he does deserve it but that he doesn't like those high pitched screaming girls (who there were plenty of ) so i would suggest just doing what he likes the best.....showing that you love the music by jumping around and shouting out when i shouted out happy birthday was quite so he heard me and responded and said.." hey, yeah,it really isn't my birthday until saturday but thanks! And..i don't like birthdays because i'm always afraid that know one will call me." when he said that i wanted to scream....give me your number...but, i held myself back

After this they played more songs (about after an hour into their show) and then said...good night we love you guys and which the crowed went crrrraaazzzyy cheering and such when they had waited about 5 minutes and the cheering and shouting didn't stop they came running back on and wouldn't you know those boys played so well and happily and amazingly that they played for another hour!!!! It was great

After the concert was over i was so depressed and sad but happy at the same time that i ran out to see if i could meet Johnny, Mike or Robby and i went up to their bus where they had quickly bolted into and locked the door behind them and weren't comming out :( i was really sad after that but while we walked by the bus' windows i just looked into them and smiled hoping that Johnny would see me and laugh at how energetic i had been ('s just wishful thinking)

Well..that is officially the end of the most incredible, amazing and memorable nights of my life!