From: HaeMi

March 24, 1999
Hofstra USA
Hempstead, NY

Hi, I go to Hofstra U, and the other day there was a concert on March 24. It happens so that I am in this club in my school that does the concerts and stuff. So when I heard that GGD was coming, I was psyched. The tix were only to Hofstra students, so that kinda sucked. But it was still good.

I had to be at USA (where the concert will be held) at 7:45 AM. The club and I had to load in the stuff and start setting up the stage. Then GGD stuff started to come in, and we loaded that too. At one point i helped my friend out and he was one of the runners. The things we had to do was drop off the band's laundry, go to Home Depot, and then Office Max. After that I helped out with the caterering for the bands'. I didnt meet them but i knew where their room was. Later on in the day, i realized that there was a band up on stage and it was GGD. they were practicing but alot of the members in the club didnt watch cuz they had requested it. The opening band is called "Papa Vegas." they are really new. They will have a single out soon and their album out on April 27. They were practicing also and we got to see that. They are awesome. Before that band had to practice on stage, I was out on the lobby and I see this guy passing by me a couple of times and we smiled a bit. I realize then that it was the bass guitarist for Papa Vegas. I'm like shit! But he had the nicest blue eyes I've seen.

The concert started at 9 and ended about 12 or so. Papa Vegas performed really well. Then GGD performed. I forgot what the first song was, but I think it was Iris. The band had interacted well with the crowd, especially Johnny. He shaked hands, let the people touch his hair and his body, gave out his water bottle, towels, and etc and besides, he was only like 2 feet away from the audience. He's so damn awesome. Some lead vocals out there are assholes, but hes kool. He cracked a few jokes here and there and even interviewed some people since he was waiting for his guitar to be tuned.

He even mentioned about Bush and No Doubt. He was just saying how the band had to perform after No Doubt and impersonating Gwen. He also said to the crowd that shoes were thrown at them cuz the girls wanted to see Bush, actually he then said Gavin. I'm like poor thing! He also had mentioned about them touring with the Rolling Stones and how they were picked to tour with them. He did this dialogue thing where he would talk and impersonate one of the members from the Rolling Stones.

The band were dressed nicely, Johnny had one of those underwear tank top thingies on, Robby & mike wore what they usually wear. There were two other people on stage, another guitarist (forgot his name) and a keyboard player and his name is Dave. Everybody who were there were having a good time, since beer was served. i think the band enjoyed the concert too. They seemed really happy.

After the show, the crew now had to clean up and load out the stuff. At the end of it all, I had sore muscles here and there, but it is all worth cuz it was one of the greatest fuckin show I've seen. The only momentous thing that I have of this concert is this review that I wrote up, some memories, and a backstage pass.