From: Jim

May 16, 1999
Star Pavillion
Hershey, PA

We arrived at the show around 4:45 and got ourselves in line near the front. I met up with my manager from work and her gang, and we all made our way into the concert. Hershey is one of the greatest places to see a concert. It's a beautiful setting, it's completely open air, and on this cool night, it wasn't very hot at all. We were stationed on the right side of the stage, right in front of the stage speakers and Robbie!!! We were right along the railing and some of us were one row deep too. The crowd was fairly tame, with the exception of a few fights, one of which was actually pretty cool to watch as some shorter guy cleaned the clock of some huge tall chick.

Fastball came on at 8 and played for about 45 minutes. They are really good live and having their CD, I knew many of the songs. They did a really cool remake of "On The Road Again" and closed their show with "Fire Escape".

Then out came the Goos. For all you ladies craving the info, Johnny was wearing a white wifebeater, and gray and orange Adidas warmups and the cowboy hat. He made a crack about not being able to decide if he was a cowboy or a track star. The set list was something like this (in no order): Dizzy, Long Way Down, Slide, Fallin' Down (YES! Fallin Down!! My favorite!), Name, Lazy Eye, Naked, Iris, Bullet Proof, Black Balloon, Broadway, January Friend, Extra Pale (I think), Burnin' Up, Another Second Time Around ENCORE: Hate This Place, Full Forever (I Think that's when they played it), Two Days In February... This set list is really messed up, they played all these songs, plus some more probably, and I'm not sure if that was the encore or not, I was just having way too much fun!!

He did a little story about Name again, saying how it was their first hit and how his neices and nephews ask him if he knows the Backstreet Boys. Someone also threw a Plush Hershey Kiss stuffed animal thingy you can get at the Park and it had a note that said "A Kiss for Johnny". And he talked about busting Mike's balls and everyone started making comments and Johnny said something like "Not that way, you sickos! That's what's wrong with America! A man can't profess his love for a fellow man without it being seen as unnatural!! It's like how I love my truck, even though I don't own a truck." Then Robbie chimed in that "He loves my truck." and Johnny was like "Yeah, I love his truck cause he has one." Someone also asked about Johnny's Dog. Robbie looked good even with the knee brace, he was getting around really well. All in all a great night, much better than when I saw them in Philly in November!!!!