From: Jo

May 16, 1999
Star Pavillion
Hershey, PA

This is Joanna, and just yesturday I saw the Goo Goo Dolls in Hershey!!!!!!!!!!!! Well....I left my house with my sister and her husband around 3:00 pm! It took around an hour to get there and by the time I got there, there was already 20 people in line!!!! With me I had a 48" beach ball with words on it {really, really big ball} a poster that said "GOO GOO DOLLS KICK ASS" and a bunch of other words were on it and black balloons. I didn't see anyone that was on the Show Board which was sad :-( Anyway, there were three radio stations there and their were about 15 people who got to listen and watch the sound check because they won tickets from the stations that were there! The good think about Hershey is that it is outside so the people in line could hear it just as well!!! We couldn't bring in cameras and they said they were going to search us and if they found one they will keep it and we won't get it back so I took my back to the car which was sad too!!! Well, they finally open the gates around 7pm and that is when I ran to get near the front!!! There were no seats so we had to sit on the pavement of the Pavilion! That kinda sucked!!! Then this guard came over to me and said I am not allowed to have the beach ball or anything at all which pissed me off big time!!!! But I wasn't going to make those stupid guard get the best of me so...I went and bought a necklace that costed $10 and some fries and went back to my so called seat on the pavement. The place was crowed, actually too crowed but oh well!!!

Fastball came on and everyone got up and started cheering. And then this girl on the opposite side of me of the stage fainted so then they pulled her out of the crowed. They played for about an hour, they were okay, and i only knew two songs so....then they started setting up for the goo goo dolls! I started talking to these people in front of me which they were very nice and these two girls were getting sooo excited because they were dying to see Mike!!!! It seemed like it took FOREVER for them to come on BUT IT WAS SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!! Their back drop is awesome and very creative!!!! :)

Then the lights dimed down the background music was turned off, and then all you could hear was this funky beat that went faster and faster and then all of a sudden you see Dave and everyone cheers like manics. Then he starts playing this awesone solo piece and then everyone in the crowed saw John's arm and started cheering again like it was the end of the world. Mike ran out to the drums and started playing (cheering) Then BOOM! IN A FLASH OF A SECOND JOHN AND ROBBY AND NATHAN RAN OUT LIKE MANICS! Which was cool and they start with DIZZY!!! John had a cowboy hat on and a white tank top and jogging pants on that were blue and orange!!! Robby was in all black and so was his thing that kept his leg straight. Mike I think had a blue shirt on and shorts and Nathan was in black too. Forgot what Dave was wearin!!! Poor Robby was limping all over the place but still kept a BIG simile on his face!!! And John was talking to the crowed and was saying something like he wasn't sure if he wanted to be a cowboy or a jogger! {Something along that line} He didn't talk about the Name story but he said about the backstreet boy thing!!! John look like he was pretending like he was riding on those wooden fake horse that kids put in between there legs gopping around the stage which was funny!! The crowed was starting to get pushe but the person who started it got in trouble!!! :) They played Fallin Down instead of Stop The World which was find with me!!!

Then in the Encore John started playing Two Days in Feb. and when he said " I know you're living way out west and if I don't pay my $500 f**kin' dollar rent and every thing i feel" He kept saying things like that which was cool!! Then it came to the end were that was when John threw the microphone across the stage and then left. After the concert you couldn't go and meet them because it was all fence up so you couldn't even get an autograph! :( In all it was bad at the beginnig but seening them play made up all the bad stuff!!! So if your not sure with going, GO it is worth it no matter what happens!!

PS. There is much more but I think the review is long enough!! If Robby reads this I just wanted to say I was the one scream every time he looked over to the right in the red shirt!!!! Get well soon Robby!!!