Hartford, CT - Meadows Music
August 4, 2003
From: Candice & Lauren

Me and Lauren (JerseyGoo) went to the show tonight with out having tickets in high hopes of getting good seats (bc usually the day of the show they release good ones) anyways we finally bought 8th row seats 2 hours b4 the show and $90 later, then we went into the show and no one was in the front row so we just sat there. The show started and bc we were still infront we got to stand up at the barricade. we were dead center and Johnny's sweat dripped on lauren a few times( we all know she didnt mind ) they played well ofcourse, although they seemed very tired all three of them. Jason was laughing the whole time so that made us laugh. They played "All eyes on me" and that was nice for a change up in the set list. we had a sign and johnny pointed to it also I held up a picture of me and him and he saw that and laughed. someone shouted that they loved him and he used the usual come back "How do you know you love me...I could be the biggest asshole you have ever met". someone threw a shirt on stage and they commented on that too. They didnt seem like they talked that much though. Im just so happy it was the last bon jovi show bc I cant take anymore LOL. after they left the stage we left and went outside and met up with myshele (PeaceGoo...hey!) and other Wog gals. Robby walked by the outside their dressing room or whatever it was, he smiled but didnt come over. Then sec Mike came out and said they werent going to sign stuff and I gave him 2 pictures and he took them to go get them signed for me. He came back right away with each signed by robby and John. I was sooooo happy- that man is so nice then we all left and went walking through the parking lot just as the bus was pulling away so naturally we started chasing it lol it was funny. then robby stuck his head out of the door and was talking to everyone. and they drove away , we waited a littl e longer for Johns bus but It must have left first. it was a lot of fun though and we just feel so lucky to have gotten 1st row! we will post our pics ASAP. bye guys~ *Candice & Lauren*