Hartford, CT - Meadows Music
August 4, 2003
From: Becky

Here is my review of Hartford... I got there about 25 minutes before goo started. i never get to go looking around or anything cuz i go w. my mom... I had pretty bad seats, the last row under the roof! but its better bad seats than no seats... a few minutes before the show started, I met janigoo and her friend... got to talk to them. i had never met anyone ffrom the board before and they were very nice... then the show started so they hurried to their seats. john was very talkative!!! He came out and did the usual: 'how are y'all doing' thing, and later he came out and just said hi. and i could hear hi's coming back from the crowd, myself included. and then someone must have screamed i love you, because john said, "I love you too! . . . . . . . Buit how do you know you love me? I could be the hugest asshole you ever met..." and went on about it. it was so funny!! and someone threw a shirt up there... it said they had seen them 8 trimes in one year and something about jones beach... I later met the woman who threw it up and got the story about jones beach. she and her friend hid in the bushes during a soundcheck there, and when it was over they stood up clapping and got waves from the guys... lucky them. so the goos were AWESOME and after they finished, i went out to the gate where the families eat, but got no luck. but at one point i did meet a photographer who works there and he gave me some neat tips on how to get to meet the band. during the goos, my sister and i were the only ones standing up in our section, all the way in back... id like to think we were seen by john or robby, but I doubt it. we held up my sign that said 'you give me GOO bumps' but some people behind us on the lawn yelled at us cuz they couldnt see. so we took it down i guess thats it, i had fun... Goofan_Becky