From: Olga

November 4, 1999
Hard Rock Live
Orlando, fL

The Goos rocked the house in Orlando, as usual. It was cold outside the venue, but the Goo spirit kept everyone warm inside from beginning to end. It was such a nice evening. I got there early enough to secure my spot up front close to the stage where I planned to spend the whole show, right in front of Johnny's mic. It was worth it! In the line, some of us saw Johnny and Robby walk out the front gate to go eat with their girls. My fanettiquette didn't let me get close to them, it would have annoyed them I'm sure. Some girls ran after them for an autograph/pic. It was funny to see them try walk by like normal people, but not quite, huh. I met some cool fans, Angie, Cassie, Ash, Michelle... hello gals. Once inside, people were well behaved to each other with or without alcohol, there was no violence, no conflict, only harmony. Lovely! The Goos were proud of us, you bet. Johnny commented a lot on what a great audience we were.

Tonic sounded so great live, and I was getting a kick out of the guitar player on my left. Woooho... Hot. Ok, they were very good and I am one to suggest you go out and buy their Cd! I'm gonna get it myself. They played a short set, but it was sweet music to the ears, Check them out. The Goos did a disco lights intro along with a 70's song which was totally cool, then Johnny stormed out with Dizzy.

The set list was as follows:

Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Full 4ever
Black Balloon
January Friend
'Cause Yer Gone
2nd Time Around
Flat Top
Acoustic #3
Just The Way You Are
Burning Up
2 Days in February

I got Johnny's set list with his shoeprints all over it. Someone might think that'll go down in history from the Hard Rock Live stage? LOL I also got a pic he threw. That made me happy. Instead of breaking his grand finale white guitar, Johnny gave it to this cute little kid in the front on my right side. That was a starlight moment, I'm sure that kid was having a blast! Right before Name, he told us the extensive version of the original Name story, which I think most people know by now. It was hilarious, John is a comedian by nature. He also told the sarcastic lottery joke. My favorite part of the night was when Johnny sang "Cause Yer Gone." I could swear that was his voice on a pedestal. He sang with incredible passion, feeling, depth, I almost cried. How he sang the last part of the song was magical. It was Johnny at his very best. WOW. YOU just had to be there to know what I'm talking about... talk about first class improvisation!

I couldn't take any pictures because the security there was very anal and didn't let anyone shoot them. It was impossible for me to risk it being right on their face. I wished I had taken some though, because I was in the most perfect spot. But who cares, the memory remains.

After the show I hung out on the side door for a while. My tiny Goo friends (Jamie and gang) went backstage again and got my Tampa set list autographed by Mike and Robby (Thank you girls). That of course, completed my Gooey night. Can you imagine all this? My 11th show was unforgettable.

Well, now I can't help it wanting to go to another Goo show. Anyone planning to go to Times Square for the millenium even if? Let me know, maybe I'm not the only crazy one.