From: Olga

April 2, 1999
House of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC

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It was a cold foggy night on Friday night at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. I first noticed the Goo Goo Doll's tour bus turning down the street while we were at the gas station across the House of Blues, but I didn't know it was their bus until we arrived in the parking lot five minutes later! We missed them by that much. It was 3:30 pm when we got there, and they were doing sound check. We met a good bunch of people from the list; Kimberly, Sarah, Emily, Doug, Lori, Carrie, Steph, Rae, Tammy, Risa, Carel, and others whose names I can't remember right now. It was really cool meeting you guys! I also got to see the rocking Elmo I gave Johnny last year, he was on the bus' front window, LOL! The New Radical's bus arrived soon after and the Goos kept walking in and out from backstage, but the crowd outside only grew bigger so our chances of meeting them slimmed down. After Johnny left to the hotel, Niki and I decided to go make line so we can get up front for the concert. At around 8:45, the gates opened and I ran to the pit and was able to get second row right in front of Johnny. A few minutes before the concert, a fight broke out on my right side. It was very shameful so many fights ocurred around me throughout the concert. The whole mess was caused by some drunken chicks who apparently wanted to grab some attention, and they did in the worst way. The New Radicals came on at around 10 pm, and personally I didn't like any of their songs. I liked the foreign guitar player, he looked cute. But their music was kinda dull. I just thought it lacked music. I wanted them to finish fast. They played for about 45 minutes, but it felt longer. Mike and Johnny would check us out from two windows above the stage back and forth, and would wave at us. It got very hot in there. I was very excited waiting for the Goos when suddenly I got my head showered with beer thrown from behind me. YUCK! But Johnny washed it with the water he threw right at us after Dizzy or Long Way Down - I can't remember which song. So the Goos are jamming their asses up on stage, and I'm having incredible fun for a while. Johnny kneeled down on the floor everywhere and played his guitar sooo close coming towards us, I thought he was gonna fall off the stage! That was such a thrill to see him do that! He's a very skilled rocker indeed. He knows how to get us girls pumped up real good. Robby was smiling biiig, he looked at us all the time. I couldn't get a glimpse of Mike because the stage was so high, and the speaker in front of Johnny's mic covered him completely. Halfway through Black Balloon or Bullet Proof, Johnny had to stop the song because of a fight on my left side this time. Johnny asked one of the girls behind me who kept flipping them if someone had paid her to come see them, and that maybe she shouldn't have bothered to come. He was starting to get upset about the hostility up front, as he called it. I was so embarrased to be near that shitty scene. I was merely a target for these girls. I tried to ignore their bitching, but I was having a hard time dealing with the insanity going on, keeping my spot and enjoying myself at the same time. I don't think Johnny or Robby appreciated the behavior in there at all. Right before Iris, they just wanted to get over with this concert. Johnny looked pissy when he walked away. Security sucked because they wouldn't do anything about these troublemakers. Then the encore came on and I was so happy they played 'Just the Way You Are' because that is such an old song for them to play live plus I love that song! I went totally nuts jumping and singing! My heart kept racing. I was in everlasting bliss for the rest of the night. The Goos finished with 2 Days in February, and Johnny threw his guitar once and left the stage. The look on his face wasn't very pleased. But anyway, the Goos did put on a good show, it was the crowd that messed things up for us real fans. I saw their bus flee from the site faster than ever! Afterwards Niki and I took off to Augusta.

Olga's Pictures of John from the Show!