From: Rachel

April 2, 1999
House of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC

omigod!! what can i say about this show except that it TOTALLY kicked ass! johnny was lookin good as ever in a white wife beater and some black adidas pants and some imitation airwalks....damn. :) i was one person back from the very front.. and i met steph, carrie, lori, and rae there. whoa. they are so kool, i mean steph even got us a hotel room :) thanks steph. ok, so, we get there and the new radicals were really good, but i am nostalgic for the early days of the tour when Atheneaum opened up for the goos. mike was just cute :). robbie was, of course, shoeless, and a little lighter than he has been...well, since i saw him in november anyway.

ok...well, everyone knows the setlist by now, so i'm not gonna bore ya with that. of course they opened with Dizzy, and damn they sounded so freakin good!!!! they sound better live than they do on cd, and that is freakin crazy to me. yadda yadda yadda,..all the songs were awesome. ok, and here is my dumb crazy so iffy fan story.....i'm a little embarassed to even admit this is what i think happened, but here goes: everyone knows how in slide johnny points to people in the audience...well, i think, now i THINK, don't sue me if he was really pointing at you or whatever, but i THINK that he pointed at me and said that he loved my smile, cuz at the very moment he did that i went from perma grinning (drew's phrase) to a HUGE ass smile, and was pointing at him.......and that's when he said it! WHOA., if u think i am wrong, dont' tell me..i'd rather die happy living a lie. :)

johnny had to stop a couple times because of some fighting, but there were no problems where i was standing, and he only stopped for a couple of minutes. name was not opened with the normal punk rock boy story, only a cutsy little opening line..what else to say? two days in feb was AWESOME As an ending...i absolutely enjoyed myself like crazy....and if you weren't there you totally missed out! :)