From: Ashley

April 2, 1999
House of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey! I know it took me a while but I was on spring break at the time of the show and out of state and I'm just getting back to work so I'm sorry for the long wait. But anyways here's my review. I didn't get to meet up with Heather but I did look for her.

But anyways, we (my mom, Cherly and myself) left our hotel about 6. Went straight to the HOB which took us forever since the traffic from spring breakers was horrible from Myrtle. But I can't say anythign since I am one of them. we got there areound 6:30. We saw a crowd of people waiting out back at the buses. Everyone said they were going to come out. So we thought we'd wait before we go eat. Well our appetites got the best of us and had to leave if we wanted to eat and get a good place in line..That was a big mistake leaving..Well on my part that it but I'll explain that in a minute. We ate and got finished around 7:30. we were about the 50th or 60th person in line give or take...They opened the doors at 8:45. We rushed to get to the front. We had our little place at the left side of the stage. Basically we were in front of Nathan.

I don't remember exactly what time the New Radicals came on but they sang about 4 songs and sounded pretty good. They thought they'd trick the crowd and act like they were starting with "You get what you give" but then they stopped and started a new on and ended with that. It was another 30min. before the Goo's came on. It seemed longer. Maybe cos' my feet were hurting. I dont know.

But they opened with "Dizzy" which was awesome! Johnny had on these cool adidas pants. I had a pair just like them but they got all ripped up but anyways it was a real funny show. I did get the set list and since it's already been posted I wont post it.

I didn't get to take any pictures since the security guard was right beside me watching me and I didnt want to get thrown out. If anyone got any pics let me know!... But all in all it was a great show. Johnny sang to me once, gave me his waterbottle, and handed me his pic. I think he remembered me but I'm not sure.

When he sang "Name" it was funny when he told this guy that he felt wierd siniging to him. And of course the fights were funny. Afterwards we went out back to meet them as usual. Only some lady told us that the left ont he blue bus. I was pissed. I said "Now why would they leave on that shitty bus when they have this nice red one?" My mom was like, "let it go there will be more oppotunitites" Thats true but I really wanted to meet them once again.

So we waitied for about 10min then gave up and left. Just my luck they came out after I left. Don't tell me if they did. I'd prefer not to know. But anyways there's my review and I enjoyed it a lot and I can't wait to see them when they tour with Sugar Ray. Another great live band might I add. I've got a story to them but this isn't the Sugar Ray page so I'm not going to share it. Thanks for letting me share my Goo story on here.