From: Nate

96.3 Xtreme X-Mas Concert
December 5, 1998
Ft. Wayne, IN

On Tuesday the 15th of December, i attended the 96.3 Xtreme X-mas Concert. It featured Real Big Fish, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Marcy playground, and The Goo Goo Dolls. The concert opened with Real Big Phish, who played their two hot singles from the radio (One being "Sell Out" and another I don't know the title of), as well as stuff from there new album. Then Cherry poppin Daddies were supposed to perform, but that night, the radio announced that they couldn't make the concert and some band named Frogpond, who are friends of the Goo goo Dolls, were supposed to play in their place.

FrogPond was made of three girls on guitars and a guy on drums. This is not exactly the best female group i have ever heard, but they contained a sound that would catch my ear if i turned to it on the radio. Anyway, after about thirty minutes or so, they left and on came Marcy Playground. Like real Big Fish, they also played stuff off their new album, as well as their hit "Sex and Candy." Everyone was jumpin around, throwing bras, flashing, moshing, and surfing. It was a blast. But everyone knew that the Goo Goo Dolls were up next, and the anxiety ate at everyone.

Finally they were announced and after a short delay, they came on the stage. They opened with the old hits, the best being, "I I won't tell them your name (Or something like that.)" They then played stuff off their new album. The final two songs were definately the highlight of the evening. they played the opening to "Slide" which drove evryone nuts.

After that, we all knew that they still had to perform, "Iris." They started out the opening, but then stopped, and exclaimed " IT! I don't want to play it." That wasn't the best thing to say to a screaming crowd of fourteen year olds. Everyone knew they were playing, but eveyone was still mad. After a brief scream, they went back into the intro and blew the strage apart. It was an awesome end to an awesome night. I would definately classify this as a great concert, and a great performance by the Goo Goo Dolls.