Fort Yates, ND - Prairie Knights Casino Pavillion
August 9, 2003
From: dlgoober

It was f*cking amazing. They sounded so good. Johnny was in such a good mood. He took his time on the songs. No rushing threw them. His voice was clear and he hit all the notes. He was wearing black wife beater, camo pants and the die hard black tennis shoes. He is so beautiful and awesome as hell. Robby was awesome as usual, smiling all the time and could he belt out his tunes. He sounded really good too. He was also hitting all the notes. He was wearing dark jeans and a black t-shirt, no shoes. I couldn't tell what was on the shirt though. Mike was beating the hell out the drums and playing his heart out. He is so sexy sitting back there. I got a pretty good pic of him back there. He was t-shirt and shorts. Everyone went wild when he came on first. I wish I could remember the set list song for song but I will tell you that they played We Are the Normal and Cuz Your Gone!!!! OMG f*ucking amazing. Robby sang Burnin Up my personal fav song of his and January Friend. They also sang Dizzy, Slide, Name (Johnny sounded so good on that one), American Girl, Iris, Naked, oh god I wish I could remember them all. The girl I was sitting by was telling me the set list because her and and her friend were looking at it before the show. I am sure she will post on the boards for sure. They were really cool girls!!! Oh yeah I saved the best part for last. I got a drum stick from one the stage hands. I screamed with joy!! haha!! Ok I know I should act my age but forget it. After the show my kids and I went out side and stood by other fans and they kept trying to get us to leave but of course we aren't going too!! They don't know me. Anyways they brought the band out finally and we each got one thing for them to sign. I brought 2 cd covers so I had my son stand in line with me. Well my daughter was not happy that she didn't have something for them to sign so I remembered the drum stick. I gave that to her and Mike signed that for her. She is 8 yrs old and Mike asked her where she got that. I think he was surprised to see a little girl with it. She just shrugged her shoulders and looked at me so I explained that I got it after the show. When Johnny was signing the cd cover I gave to my son, Andrew (my son) was holding a glow stick. Johnny told Andrew that he had a cool pen and Andrew said it just a glow stick. Johnny said oh I got hit in the head by one of those and he laughed. I spoke up and told Johnny that this was their first concert. He looked at me and said that was very cool. OMG I know I sound like a dork but that was a moment my kids and I won't forget for a long time and it was cool that I could experience that moment with them. It was an awesome show and no opening act. They played for 90 min and that just flew by. They seemed happy and glad to be there. This casino is in the middle of nowhere and believe me when I say nowhere. It's so cool that they would come there to play and if by some small chance they do read this I just want to thank them for making that night very special for me and my kids. dlgoober