Fort Yates, ND - Prairie Knights Casino Pavilion
August 9, 2003
From: Amy

So, we got there after a long drive and getting lost. There are no frickin signs to this place at all. A casino with no SIGNS to lead us there!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Went with r-ette as you all already know, we got to hear the sound check and we were dying when they checked "Cuz You're Gone" and "We Are the Normal." We met a couple of people from the board--Darcy and gypsygoo!!! Very cool!!! So the show starts with "Naked." Mike starts on the drums and then everyone starts playing and John starts singing. The stage is still kinda dark and no John or Robby yet. After he sings the first part, they come running out! WHOO HOOOO!!!!! What a way to start the show! Things of note--John told a little story before "Think About Me." He said it was about being in a relationship that just wouldn't end. He took a girl's camera and took a picture of the audience. He asked everyone to say, "Bullsh*t" (instead of "cheese," I guess?). When they played "Cuz You're Gone," John said they were going to play an old one, so he hoped they didn't f*ck it up. They had 2 false starts on that song and I was screaming my head off--even after they stopped the song....both times!! Then they played the guitar break and it went on and on. I didn't think they were gonna do 1000 words, but finally John started it and I WAS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they did "January Friend" and then "WE ARE THE NORMAL"!!! It was totally awesome. Can I just say that this show totally f*ckin rocked!!!!!! After the show we got to meet them and get something signed. Robby came through the line with Mike following. They are so great. They were just too cool!! John came through the line last and he was taking forever to get through the line. He was having a small conversation with each and every person that was standing out there and there was probably about 75-100 people. Right next to r-ette and I in line was this little girl who was probably 6 or 7. John kneeled down to talk to her and he asked her what her name was so he could write it on the sticker she wanted him to sign. When he was done signing, she asked him, "Can I have a hug, please?" He looked at her and said, "I was just going to ask you the same thing." OMG!!! Is that not the sweetest thing? R-ette got a big hug and John talked to us for a minute or two. I am so glad I decided to go to this show. The crowd was awesome and of course, the Goos were too!!!!!!!