From: Kristi

April 21, 1999
Barnhill Arena
Fayetteville, AR

Well, Goo show number four was awesome as ever!!! My best friend Misty and I drove up to Fayetteville and arrived about noon the day of the show. We pulled up in front of the hotel we were staying in, and, lo and behold, there sat the Goo bus!!!! Total and utter coolness!!! So we checked in and went about our business, changing for the show and etcetera. An hour or so later, we went downstairs and were sitting in the lobby, debating on where to go for lunch, when a white van pulled up. I saw tattoos and a white wife-beater shirt getting out. Sure enough, girlies, it was the man of your dreams, Mr. Johnny Rzeznik. He walked in and I said, "Hi, Johnny!" He said hey and kept walking, then stopped and turned around. "Don't I know you?" he said. I explained to him that I sang with him in OKC a few months prior. "Oh My God!" was his reply' then; "Are ya gonna sing with us tonight?" I said, "Sure, whatever!" Cool Goo encounter number one. A few hours later, we were coming back from strolling around downtown. We pushed the elevator button to go up, and when the door opened, out walked The Man, ROBBY TAKAC!!!!!! I said hey, so did he, and we chatted briefly before he had to go. As always, he was sooooo nice!!! Robby is just the sweetest guy!!!! Seeing him just absolutely made my day, and I hadn't even been to the show yet!!!

We got to the show and found our seats. Dovetail Joint was the opening act, and, quite frankly, they kicked ass!!! I don't know what the hell was wrong with the crowd in Fayetteville; they were SOOO WRONG to Dovetail!!! Noone stood up; they just sat in their chairs like bumps on logs. And these guys rocked!!! Anyone who gets a chance to see them, should!!! And anyone who was at the show and sat there like a zombie should be ashamed!!!!

Okay, so finally, it was time for Goo!!!! The crowd was much more responsive for our boys!!! Thank God they stood up! They opened with "Dizzy," of course, and the rest of the set list didn't change much! Once again, quite a few of the SSCW songs were played, and to my delight, Robby got to sing quite a bit!!!!! Highlights were, "Burnin' Up," "Another Second Time Around," and Johnny's take on the Colorado high school killings. He said that it was really bugging him that kids could carry guns and bombs around, but that you couldn't buy a bag of weed and get high without getting popped. (I'm paraphrasing here, please don't flame me if you were there!!) He then went on to say that he was NOT advocating getting high (let's not start another month-long debate on the goo-list!) because he thought that pot made people stupid. He went on to say that this whole thing with guns in schools really bugged him, then said something to the effect of, "I'm gonna shut up now, cuz I'm starting to sound like an asshole!" (again, I'm paraphrasing!) Robby mentioned how cool it was that they'd sold out both nights that they were in Arkansas. I thought that rocked, because I didn't think many other native Arkansans had the good sense to appreciate our boys!!!! They sounded excellent as always, although I think I was one of the few in the section where I was seated that knew all the words!!! The show was over WAY too soon and it was time to go. We headed out to the buses, but the boys took off immediately following the show. Chalk up one more GOO-d time had by all!!! I can't wait for show number five!!! Hurry up, boys, and post those dates with Sugar Ray!