From Mary Jane

August 28th

Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center

Canandaigua, NY


Okay, this is the goo review from the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua. I went to the concert on the 28th of August, and it was amazing.

We showed up at the concert place about 11:30am, and the concert didn't start till about 7:30, so we kind of got kicked out because we were out walking around near the buses, but the security people were fairly nice.

Anyway we left and went to eat, and who should we run into, but one of the goo's truck drivers interesting.....I think I had to go over and talk to him and see if we could get backstage passes. He said he would have to check it out and he did and came back and told us that because of problems the night before with the backstage we couldn't get them...CRAPPIOLA!!!! (thanks anyway!!) But needless to say the security was so tight that we couldn't get anywhere near the Goos.

Frogpond, and Sugar Ray opened for them. I thought that Frogpond did a really good job, and so did Sugar Ray. They had this huge intro before the goo's came out, and they finally did come out though. They did an awesome performance. They played Just the Way You Are ( my fav), There You Are, Iris, Slide, Black Balloon, Second Time Around, Name, Broadway, January Friend, Full Forever, Extra Pale, Flat Top, Naked, Long Way Down, Acoustic #3, Lazy Eye, 2 Days in February, Bulletproof. I know I missed some but it was just so awesome...They were so wicked.

John and Rob did this huge guitar solo in Just the Way You Are where they usually sing "hold me up...hold me up" it rocked. They showed the video thingy, and at the end Rob and John threw their guitars and mic stands. John had on his burgundy pants and a white wife beater! Rob was soo cute too, and Mike well he was kind of hidden, but I could see his head I think he had on a red shirt!

They did a lot of guitar solos between Rob and John, and was amazing! They played for like 2 and a half hours straight, now being the goo freak I am, you can just imagine how much heaven that must of been.....well that was my second goo concert and although I didn't get to hug John again *sigh*, I did get a wicked concert!! Good job guys! Thanks to my friends Beth, and nicki for the $ rock!