From: Erin

May 9, 1999
Warner Theatre
Erie, PA

the erie concert that was sold out in 2 hours was sooooooo cool. we had fairly goo-d seats, near the front and to the left a little. the other concert i went to was better though. it started with frogpond, a group that they had warm up before fastball played. they were okay and played for about a half an hour but not the greatest(we all know who the greatest is!) then fastball came out and played for about 45 minutes. they also were very goo-d but i didn't get to see much of it cause there were a few drunk people behind us that threw beer all over us but that's okay. then there was a long break and the goo-s finally came out with dizzy. then they went into long way down and lazy eye and slide and so on............

johnny was wearing red adidas silky pants and a gray wifebeater, kind of like the one in the slide video, and a cowboy hat! robby was sitting in a swivel chair because of his leg injury and he pushed himself around the stage the whole time. johnny didn't say fuck as much as he did at the concert at baron but that because this wasn't a college concert. he didn't talk much either and he didn't tell the name story. after johnny had smashed his guitar, my friends, rachel and laura, and i ran up to the stage to try to get a piece of it but the security guards were mean and wouldn't let us have anything. he wouldn't even give us the half ripped up pieces of the song list that was taped to the stage. it was a great concert anyway though.

they also had a bunch of different things that they didn't have at the last concert i saw. they had 3 different shirts, one with the picture from in the album cover of the group together and on the back there is the list of where they toured, a tank top with the dizzy logo, and a black shirt with the pearls that they have on eht album cover and it says goo goo dolls on the front and says dizzy up the girl on the back. they had necklaces that are shaped in circles and say goo goo dolls on the one side and dizzy up the girl tour on the other. they had the two stickers, the dizzy one and goo goo dolls one shaped like a heart. they also had hates too. i have the shirt with the guys on the front, the necklace, and two stickers. i will scan the shirt and necklace for you when i get the chance.