From: Andrew

May 9, 1999
Warner Theatre
Erie, PA

As some of you know the Goo's played at the Warner Theatre in Erie, PA last night. It was pretty awesome. At about 7:50 a group that was supposedly opening for Fastball(Frogpond) came on. They were good but we were in such anticipation for GGD that we found it hard to listen. After their set, the techinal crews and roadies screwed around onstage for about half an hour but then Fastball came on. They opened with Fire Escape and were totally great and kept the crowd rockin "It's a Sunday night isnt it? But you motherfuckers sold this place out in two hours!!! And we know who you're waitng for!! We're just here to keep you loose!" stuff like that kept the crowd loving them. After they played for about a half an hour, technical people came back on and did their thing for what seemed like forever until finally-the moment of all moments-the Goo's came out onstage. Johnny (who was looking as fine as always) was wearing a tan cowboy hat, an olive wife-beater and red adidas pants. Robby-God love him-was in a swivel chair because of his leg(to quote Johnny-"when that thing pops it's going to be ugly!") but he seemed to have the greatest time as ever.

They opened with a mind blowing Dizzy followed by Long Way Down, Lazy Eye(which had the greatest light backround), Slide, Black Balloon, Bulletproof, Naked and then to my horror they played Name without the usual story but it rocked anyways. After Name Johnny introduced the band which generated tons of applause, and then they strated into January Friend then Stop the World, Full Forever and Another Second Time Around and then- another truly AWESOME moment they did Iris (can ya feel the hearts melting?) After the oh-so-sweet-Iris they did Burnin Up and Hate This Place(during which the word "dizzy" was projected onto the stage-how great is that?) and they finished the night beautifully with a surprisingly energetic 2 Days in February. Afterwards, Johnny did a Robby-less break-the-guitar-routine (even while destroying things he looks hot) and the concert was over. It was totally great with the exception of the two drunk as shit girls behind us. But other than that it was a goo-worthy performance.