E. Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena
February 10, 2003

From: Dances With Goo & GiTG

We had the BEST time at the show in NJ last nite. IT was AWESOME ! We were on Robby's side , about 10 rows back on the floor! The folks in that section knew their Goo, I tell ya...and Robby noticed us all BIG time! He was spreading the Goo love! The area they had on stage was so small I thought he might fall off, but all went fantastically well! Their set was GREAT, and they got a wonderful response! I gave Miyoko a gift for Robby before the show...a PEZ Scary Skull T-shirt . She said to me "I don't have any stickers or anything, so you can have these"...and she gave me a baggie FULL of well-used green Robby guitar picks...what a sweetie! I hope Robby wears the shirt tonight, cuz we'll be at the 2nd Jersey show too! As for the set list...I was too busy rockin' my socks off to sit & take notes! The guys DO notice the red bandanas & PEZ dispensers are great too...just remember to empty them before ya go wavin' 'em around at the show...I think a PEZ flew outta my dispenser & bopped somebody!! All in all...the show was...AWESOME! The second show was an absolute success, too, and I will always remember their faces, and the great reception they received that night!