From: Mr. World of Goo himself!

Five Flags Center
Oct 6, 1999
Iowa City, IA

This was easily one of the best Goo shows I have ever been to. Fern, Tonic, and the Goo's all put on a show that for all was a step above what I'd seen the night before. There were very few, if any, mistakes by any of the bands - and the energy and interaction was just incredible! The crowd was also pumped up. The venue was almost full by the time Fern had started playing. Quickly whipped into a frenzy, I don't think the energy dropped until well after the Goo's were done!

Fern was again good - if you don't have it, you may seriously want to consider picking up their CD before/after you see them play. The were better than the night before and their CD is definately worth it!

Tonic never ceased to amaze! With incredible music structure, energy, beats, and harmony, they gripped the crowd from beginning to end of their show. The guys from Tonic are really great - and supporting them on this tour is something I know you Goo fans will do a GREAT job of!

The Goo's - oh, the Goo's. The Goo's played a flawless set. They were tight, and on from the opening chords of Dizzy to the final drop of the lights after Two Days in February. The crowd interaction was at a peak - and they definately seemed settled into the groove of this tour. John had some incredible guitar playing - especially on the solo/break into Thousand Words (which was again great).

Robby was rocking up a storm and sounded incredible on his songs. The amount of stage presence, power, and emotion put into Burnin' Up, for just one example, was amazing! Nathan was sending out a strong anti-drug message with his D.A.R.E. t-shirt while anchoring the music with his guitaring, and Dave, whom I strained to see over to in between saving lives as the pit enforcer, was a maestro in his corner.

During Name someone threw something that knocked John's guitar out of tune - so he simply sang (melting the female contingents' collective heart) while Nathan held down the fort on guitar. Otherwise, the makeup of the show was about the same as last night, but definately taken to another level!