Detroit, MI - Comerica Park
July 19, 2003
From: Shan

I was armed with my black Goo Goo Dolls babydoll t-shirt (to show my support for my favorite rock band) and the hubby and I went down to Comerica Park early to meet up with Tonny and Raven at Hockeytown Cafe. However, we were never able to find them . I was pretty bummed about that because I was totally excited to meet some fellow WOGers. Since we couldn't find Tonny and Raven we decided to walk around and locate the busses and hang around and hopefully see them. Well, all was quiet and we never saw them. We finally went into the stadium and located our seats. We were on the field which was cool but we were in the back so it was hard to see. The Goos were the first act on and they were awesome. The show was running almost an hour late so there was no time for funny chit chat which was also a bummer. I love it when John chats with the audience. Oh well, I thought they sounded great and looked good too. John did make a funny comment about some things thrown on stage. A strawberry daquiri love lotion and a 36D hot pink bra to match panties that were thrown at a previous show. John messed up the lines to Sympathy which he laughed about. I noticed it right away but I don't think half the people there even noticed. I thought it was funny. They only played about 50 minutes which was way too fast for me, but they packed in the music and energy in that time. It was short but sweet. Sheryl Crow played about an hour and a half. I've always sort of liked her but I found myself surpisingly entertained by her. She put on a good show. Bon Jovi played about 21/2 hours and sang their guts out. I was a fan in the 80's and grew up with them but haven't bought any albums since. I was thoroughly entertained. They definitely put on a good show. It was a thoroughly entertaining night. The biggest down side was that the Goo only played 50 minutes. They got gipped big time. None of the acts did any chit chatting because of the late start. When Bon Jovi was here in February they talked more and it was better. It adds a little more personal touch. I felt that was missing last night but what can you do when you're running late. After the show, the hubby and I took a walk by the busses again in hopes of running into the Goos. They had already left by then. Oh well, I'm still a member of the never met Goo club and probably will be for awhile now since they're aren't coming back this way the rest of the summer. Oh, I forgot so say that my friend and I snuck up front during the Goos set and got some pictures. She had her camera with the telephoto lens and said she got 4 good shots of John. I was able to sneak to Robby's side and get to about the 10th row for some good shots. It's hard to say how they'll turn out since I just had a disposable camera. When I get my pictures I'll need step by step instructions on how to post them since I've never done it before. I wasn't able to stay in those seats the entire time because security was very tight. But I hopefully got some good shots. One security guard was a total a..hole. The Goos were singing broadway and I was right in the center trying to sneak by just to take a picture. One GOOd picture. The security wouldn't let me by so I thought I'd pour on the charm and bat my eyelashes and beg him to let me get one good close centered shot. He said "NO" emphatically. Jerk. So I stood right in front of him and took a picture anyway. It wasn't in front but it was center and close enough to see faces. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed it turns out.