Detroit, MI - Comerica Park
July 19, 2003
From: Tonny

It was a blast!!! We ended up right on the rail for the Goo's set, it was great! Last night when I came home I typed up the review, so it was still fresh. But I was tired, so sorry if it's a lil bland, LOL. Here we go.... We met up with Tripper and her nephew at the Hockey Town Café. We had a bite to eat, a couple drinks, and chatted. Very cool people!!!! After that, we went across the street to the stadium, found their seats, then made our way down to the field to find our seats. We scoped it out, realised we were waaaaaaay off on Robby's side, even past the stage. So we went back up, and found Tripper and her nephew again. Chatted for a lil while up there. Well we decided to try to see if Tripper could sneak down to the field with us. (You had to have a special color wrist band to get on) Well we kinda walked really fast by the guards, and they didn't notice! So we go up by the rail way off to the side while we're waiting for the Goo's to come on. Greg was up on stage doing his thing with his guitar, and pretty soon, he came off and walked right by us. We yelled to him, and got a picture. Oh, there was this cuuuuute little boy, he was wearing little cammo pants, and a white wife beater. He had replica's of all John's tattoos on his arms, and had a little dog tag on. On the back of his shirt, it said "The next John Rzeznik" It was SO CUTE! I got a picture of that too. So we're just standing there, chattin with the guards. and pretty soon, I see a white van pulling up. I knew it had to be the guys, so I tapped Tripper on the shoulder, and showed her. As it drove by, we could see the guys in there, and of course we got all excited! So we knew they were about to start. They started with Dizzy, and then Slide. After that, we walked closer to the stage. We ended up right on the rail on Robby's side!! It was great!!!! I was totally happy with my 13th row ticket, but here I was on the rail. even better!!! Can't completely remember the set list.. Dizzy, Slide, What A Scene, Sympathy, Iris, Black Balloon, Brodaway, Smash, Tucked Away. I think that's all of them..not in that order. John was a little talkative, but not too much. the sun was VERY BRIGHT and right in their faces. It was pretty hot up there. He mentioned how hot it was, and said he was gonna go drink a case of beer after the show. Some one threw a bra on stage, and John read the note. It said "I threw the panties to ya in Toronto, so I thought you would want the bra." John said, "Oh, I have been wearing those panties, wishing I had the bra to match!" Robby didn't talk at all, but he kept pointing at the hot dog vendors, and I could see his lips saying "Hot dogs!" We didn't stick around for Sheryl Crow, we only caught parts of it. but it turns out, Kid Rock showed up to help her with Picture. That was pretty cool. We also noticed Gregg & Jason on the side of the stage for that, and then they left. Richie Sambora, also was there for that, and then he drove off in a golf cart. Bon Jovi was good, but I'm not all that into them. We stayed for most of their set, we wanted to beat traffic. Jon is very dramatic on stage...falling to the floor, and reaching for the sky. it was just very, dramatic, like I said. Maybe it's the actor coming out in him. (Sorry Jovi fans!!) I'm not that great with reviews...sorry! But I took 2 ˝ rolls of film. We never did find Raven or ShanGooFan But the restauraunt was pretty crowded, and we were seated upstairs. Hopefully the next time they come back to Detroit we can catch up with each other! I CANT WAIT to see them again.....this was my 4th Goo show, and it get's better and better everytime!