From: Peggy

December 11, 1998
Cobo Arena
Detroit, MI

Pictures at bottom...

Ok, So I got there around five. Did dinner in greektown and then headed up to the Ponchatrain Hotel with my sister and my niece in tow. I needed to meet up with Lauren from the Goo list who was travelling 14 hours on a greyhound to see this show (I thought I was a fan) I had purchased her ticket ahead of time. She was staying at the Ponchatrain Hotel and i couldn't wait to meet up with her!! So, we walk into the lobby of the hotel and there she is! Lauren was so excited to tell me that, guess what...the GOOS are staying at this very hotel!!! How awesome!

Needless to say we hung out in the lobby waiting for a golden opportunity! It came! Mike walked by about four times before we had the balls to go up to him. He was sooo nice. We got pictures and chatted for about five minutes. He remembered Lauren from a previous show. She was bemoaning the fact that the Jingle Ball in New York was sold out and Mike was like...hey, maybe I can help you out...How NICE was that!! I think he kind of liked her...did I mention how pretty she is?? Anyway, Mike also said after they tour abroad they are coming back to the states and are going to play 3000 to 5000 seat venues. I can't wait.

So anyway we said byas to Mike and then saw Robby! He was very laid back. I took a pic of him with Lauren, But couldn't find MY camera to get a pic, dammit! i got an autograph though...Robby seemed very lowkey..I loved his slippers!

Nathan was in the lobby too so we took advantage of him! We wanted to know where in the lineup of bands the goo's were playing...he had no idea. i gotta tell yas, I just love this guy! He is so fricking NORMAL!! and that hair! Very easy to talk to AND look at!

During all this lobby scoping out, we noticed David the Tour Manager was all over the place. Well, I wanted to make friends so I asked him if I could get his picture. Now, at the Pontiac show I thought this guy was a rude jerk. At this moment however, I found him to be kind of shy. He was like "Naw you don't want a pic of me." We were like YESS we dooo! So he reluctantly complied. Check out the the picture on Alex's web site...he was so cute when he smiled! For the unaware...David plays harmonica on "Broadway."

So we are watching for Johnny and are about ready to give up when he appears with his beautiful significant other...the pretty redhead...So I jump at the over to him and ask if I can get a quick picture. He was like, well sure..of course!! What a doll. I just love these goo boys!

So, I head on over to COBO arena with my shocked sister and niece and Lauren and a very sick Bill R. who I forgot to say was there all along too!

Tina and her friend Rhonda...Do they have a story to tell! there late. We suffered thru Edwin McCain snd then totally LOVED Semisonic...they were AWESOME...then enjoyed (i guess) Better than Ezra. There was alot of time between bands. The lights would go up and you had about 20-30 minutes to pee, talk or whatever. I made sign that said "Brandon" cause I wanted to see and say hi to the most energetic of michigan goo fans!! Well I found him, sitting not too far away with his girl, Shannon! We didn't get to talk but it was a good feelin knowin he was there!!

We noticed Nathan standing to the side of the stage enjoying the bands (he is so normal!) and waved to him numerous times...he of course waved back.

Tina and I were determined that no one was going to get a better goo view than we...unless they paid for it. We were wondering if we would be able to rush the stage when the goos came on. Well, we were standing in the aisle discussing stategy in between bands. We decided to go on up to the screen wall seperating us from the bands and ask the bouncers sitting there if we could rock in the aisles up front during the goos. Well, Who should come up to us, let me repeat....who should COME UP TO US but that cutie Nathan. He said that if we were causung trouble he would refuse to vouch for us if they wanted to kick us out....oh my god...a semi rock star has COME UP TO US and started making conversation. We talked with that wonderful guy for quite the while...He is quite depressed about his upcoming birthday. I however was overjoyed to know there was someone at the concert older than I am!!!

So when the goos came on they rocked as usual. I had many signs. Those noticed by Johnny and Robby were..FOOD, SHELTER, GOOs then you flip it over LIFE IS GOOD. I also had one that said KILL ALL THE MUSIC CRITICS then flipped over...OK...ONLY THE MEAN ONES. I held that up during Name and JR acknowledged me with a hey and a smile. The best though was an impromptu sign we all thought up after our moment at the hotel. The sign said...WE WANT THE TOUR MANAGER. I held it up when David came out to play harmonica on Broadway. He started laughing, then Nathan saw it and he busted up. Dave the keyboard player was laughing too. What a fun band!!

Peggy's Pictures from the Show!

Peggy with Mike

Peggy with Johhny

Peggy with her sister

(L to R) Lauren, Tina, and Peggy

Hello from Nathan

Peggy's Kitchen (for you Goo Listers out there)