From: Tina

December 11, 1998
Cobo Arena
Detroit, MI

Well, our group from the mailing list had another very successful Goo mission! What a show!

After getting lost in some very...uh hum..."questionable" areas of Detroit, my friend Rhonda and I arrived at the Arena, simply glad to be there! *ha ha* After meeting up with Peggy, her sister and niece, and Lauren from New Jersey, we simply started to get excited for the show. I had run into Bill, who had come with Sarah and her group (nice to meet you Sarah!) and he told me how we had missed the band while we were driving aimlessly around Detroit! Nice way to start my birthday celebration! I was crushed! Oh well, we were going to see the GGD, again, and had some really awesome seats, (Thank you, Peg!) so I could deal with it!

It seemed to take and eternity for the Goos to be next. Nathan and Dave talked to us a lot in between bands, so that helped kill time! *ha ha* Nathan spent almost an entire intermission talking to Peggy and I, and Dave told Lauren and I all about his new tattoo. It is really neat looking. I think it is so wonderful how they just hang out in the crowd and watch the shows. They seem to really enjoy themselves!

Finally it was time and out come our boys, ripping into "Dizzy". I swear, the place seemed to explode! The energy was so intense! I wish I could pass it on to you, through this review, but those of you who have gone know what I mean! They had continuous interaction with the crowd and loved Peggy's signs! She had them cracking up so many times! (You are beaufiul, Peggy!) During their encore (and they were the only band up to this point to even GET an encore) they only had time to do "Hate This Place". Johnny told me Happy Birthday and I think I passed out.....

Just kidding! They crammed so much into that tiny set! I did not think anything could beat the 7th House show, but this one was really intense! Not as intimate, but wonderful!

After saying goodbye to our fellow Goo followers (sorry that I did not get to say "Hi", Brandon! It seems like you and Shannon were having a great time!)

Rhonda and I walked back to the Ponchatrain with Lauren and I was going to go get us some bottled water when Dave came walking in. We told him we really liked his new pants (he said he just bought them that day!) and then Mike came in and wanted to know if he could sit with us for a bit. Uh, no, sorry, we were just leavi...........?????? You have to ask? *ha ha*

I went to go get our water and ran into Robby and gave him a big hug and thanked him for making this the best birthday I have ever had. Could he be any nicer? He said "It's your birthday? Well come on and let's me buy you a drink!" Then Dave was like, "Yeah, great idea!" and they started pulling tables together in the lounge and the next thing I know, everybody but Nathan was in there just listening to the lounge act and partying! It was incredible! All of the guys are so nice and it was like hanging out with a bunch of guys you grew up with and just going to the club! It was the most surreal experience of my entire life!

Dave got up and started doing songs with the lounge band. He was incredible! Somewhere into I think my second Absolut and cranberry, Lauren came up to say that her and Mike were going to greektown. (We are definitely going to have to plan that trip, Lauren! You are terrific!) Dave ended his "set" with "Brick House" and that is when John stood up and yelled the comment to him that Peggy was talking about! They were just a really cool, normal group of guys!

Before I knew it, they were closing up the bar, and we were all saying goodbye, and I thanked everybody for about the 50th time. For somebody who was really having anxiety about turning 30, what better way to have done it, eh? *ha ha* It is a night that I will never forget, as long as I live! They all signed the sign that Peggy made for me and were just fabulous! I had the most fun!