From Annie

August 15th

Iowa State Fair

Des Moines, IA


I really liked this site it was nice. I wanted to submit a review but itís for a show that wasn't listed Aug 15. They played with Fastball and Sugar Ray. Fast ball did a good job but you couldn't see them (I had crappy seats about 150 feet to the left of the stage but up front a center of that part). Sugar Ray got the crowd pumped up especially when they brought 2 fans up on stage for a contest. By that time they had the giant TV screens working so you could see much better but it just seemed like I was watching TV.

Then when the Goo Goo Dolls came out and Johnny's face appeared on the screen everyone stood up and so many were screaming it was surreal. We stayed standing for the first three songs then sat down but screamed.

This was my first concert and I expected it to be quiet for some reason but it wasn't it so loud you could sing along and not even hear yourself. They did an absolutely fantastic job. The highlights of the evening were getting to hear Robby singing and when Johnny said, "What the hell is going on?", a comment on the sound at times. During their performance the sound was seriously messed up. Then when he introduced the band by saying something along the lines of "Honey I'm home.... I brought the guys .... yeah I know there a bunch a filthy stinking pirates but thatís ok... over on guitar 12 Nathan(?) December heís been smokin (mumbled) on the floor and how the hell did this happen I don't know either oh well (?) on keyboards we don't know what happened.... They then introduced the rest of the band.

When they played slide he commented on being sick of the song and when they played Name he said Sing along if you know it and pretend if you don't. Robbie lurched around the stage like egor nd gave Johnny a back rub both resulted in yucks and ewwwws from the girls next to me. The band was at least kind enough to acknowledge the people with crappy seats by asking "How is it way the hell over there and why the hell over there?" Several times the other bands werenít as kind. They came back with a 2 song encore (I didnít recognize either one) then glitter was released on the pit. They ignored the time limit, which was nice, because otherwise the concert would have been 20 -30 min. shorter.