Denver, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
July 31, 2002

From: Eva

first i have to rave about red rocks. that venue is so amazing with it's beautiful scenery and wildlife. but...they have the steps from hell...literally. and you practically have to hike into the damn place and out cause it's in the mountains. there's so many steps and it's steep...most people have to take breaks while climbing them up into the benches. the bonus from it all is that pretty much wherever you are in the benches you can see the stage and everyone else, and the artists can see practically everyone there as well. they also have a big screen which helps alot. i was in row 30 on stage left and had a perfect view of the skyline. i just love that place. i was thrilled just to be going to red rocks! my friend and i didn't get going until about 5pm. we had around 65 miles to get to the venue. we got about 10 miles out of town and i thought of the tickets. my friend bought them so she was suppose to have them...but...she didn't! so we had to drive all the way back to her house and get them. we got to the venue about 7:15 and hiked up into red rocks lol! i've let myself go over the past year and my body is going to i about keeled over and my knee gave me hell all night...and i was dizzy from the altitude and nerves. we got to our seats and by then third eye blind was playing. i'm disappointed we missed Vanessa Carlton...i wanted to see her. third eye wasn't bad but i just don't like them much. they did a great cover of Sweet Jane and Jenkin's chicken dance f*cking rocks! he's got it down, man...i'm impressed. Jenkins was very interactive with the crowd and very nice. he scowled at me backstage however but that didn't surprise me any lol! i realized we forgot the camera! i was soo bummed and people were clicking right and left despite that none are allowed. we weren't even searched! there was no way we could go get one...the nearest gas station or whatever was miles away. the goo's came on. i forgot my pen too lol! so i couldn't write down the setlist but it was the same as the AZ one and like girlnamedgoo said...all eyes was switched around with january friend. for those of you that know All Eyes On was excellent live! my friend and i were heading out of the bleachers at the end of it and i had to stop to rock out lol! we got down by the stage and watched American Girl from there. the new stage and light system is impressive. they have these sparkle star looks like white sparkle stars are hanging over their heads...i just loved looked great. and that background with the girl is pretty wild...she does look like a demon...i could see it on the big screen when we were still in our seats. apple aztek covered alot of what was said. John talked about being neurotic but other than that, it was just back to back tunes...which were all kick ass...What Do You Need is awesome. i think So Outta Line has been begging for that song to be played. Iris was pretty cause they had the disco ball going so it was flashing all over the rocks. they had smoke but i can't remember which songs it came out on. John looked like he did in the abng was a little trippy for me. he had on a red bandana with his hair wrapped up in it looks when he's in a baseball cap turned backwards. that reminds me of abng for some reason and that's when i saw them at red rocks my first show. they sounded great and you'd have never noticed John had bronchitis. i can't remember the bronchitis arthritis comments right either but it was funny. there were alot of teens and alot of people in there 20's. the crowd was pretty good and into it...especially these kids that were a bench down from us...they were too cute. alot of people knew most of the words...i could hear people singing along to Tucked Away. i think someone flashed John shortly after the show started cause he did this mid song and said something like, wow. i stopped by the merchandise tent and took a look but i felt really sick at the time so i went to find our seats and...forgot! the gutterflower necklace is's a wide looped chain, silver or metal or whatever and the gutterflower is like, a little over an inch wide and pretty thick. i can't believe i didn't get one! we hiked out of red rocks about 12:30 but it was was like walking down a deserted highway in the middle of the night. another funny highlight...we were heading down the stairs and saw this other couple from after show ahead of us standing dead still. we started to walk by them when we noticed the skunk! he was just moseying along the steps lol! he finally went off into the mountains but it was funny...he was just adorable...a little too tame though! oh...another funny highlight was when this chick went up to security after the show. the guard asked her if she had a pass and she said no and proceeded to beg for one. then she flashed him! bahahahaha! i almost started cheering but i figured i'd behave myself lol! the guard looks at her and is like, "well, oook, but no!"