From: Crista

July 28, 1999
Fiddlers Amphitheatre
Denver, CO

Okay! Whoohoo! I needed a night...or a sleep off the "dizzying" effects of this concert, but I'm review it because I feel it is my solemn duty. :)

Well as some of you may know, last night was a groovy night in the celestial world...specially for us Aquarius' with the lunar eclipse and all and lemme say that some odd, but wonderful things happened.

Firstly, the looked like it was going to ruin everything. The lightning and thunder was horrible and it rained all as we were sitting there waiting for Fastball to come on, which they did sometime after 6:30. Fastball did play their little hearts out, and I know that a few people were there just for them, but it somehow was not that exciting. No matter how loud or how well they played, it was hard to get into. The rain stopped though, for every performance and pretty much stopped after Sugar Ray. It was awesome. I was like, the Goos are so powerful they can stop forces of nature.

Second, it seems like everywhere I go a pack of teeny-boppers with too much eye-makeup and as little clothing on as possible show up. However, just as I was bemoaning them...we made friends with the nice girls sittin' next to us. It's cool to see really excited, funny "older" Goo fans. They teased those girls for us, and gave us a few laughs throughout the night.

Allright, I've piddled around enough...on to the acts. Sugar Ray was a lot better and louder than I expected. 10 rows out, my friends were complaining of ear pain. Mark McGrath is an eye-catcher whether you wanna admit to it or not, as overly sexed-up as he was, he was amusing. I think Sugar Ray was SO much closer to the noise level of the Goos and seem officially talented. Also, Mark was complaining of the altitude, and John Elway, but he wasn't obnoxious as I've read in places. More spastic than anything else.

Our set seemed to have changes to it, though I have no idea of the set list...I do think the show was shortened a little, or something cause I didn't get to hear my two favourite songs "Million Miles Away" or "Lucky Star" and instead sung "Another Second Time Around but that's alright cause the Goos KICKED ASS. They did. It was very loud and very good and very WHOOSH. They showed the Greed show first before Dizzy, and it was awesome and funny.

As I said, there were setlist changes and a few comments about the weather, and here's another not amazing but wonderful thing. Robby sounded INCREDIBLE, the best I've ever heard or on CD. He truly was magnetic and he looked great. Mike was on the ball, as were Nathan and Dave...and of course, Johnny was wow. Even though, you can appreciate his talent and say his looks have nothing to do with anything important....all I can say is...WOW. He did have this weird thing with taking the microphone stand and all and carrying it with him about the stage, sort of flinging it around everywhich way. That was purty cool. Robby did his usual thing, but instead of freaking us out he was laughing and screaming with us. They didn't talk as much as I would have liked, but no matter...they were so good. For clothes, yes, they all were certainly wearing clothes...just think of whatever they always wear and that's what they were wearing last night. They did talk about the Backstreet Boys, something I thought was hilarious but the pals around me were not so sure about. Too bad for them, it was funny.

The show went by really fast, and who knew I could scream so loud or so high? They just bring it out of you, though I think it's stupid to spend 35 bucks on a concert and not even scream a little. The confetti was cool, the encore was especially funny. Johnny said, I'll do this (strums the guitar) and you do that...(clap with your hands in the air). It was a really funny audience participation bit. And the end when the lights get big and they play fast and loud...aaah! I had fun. Shirts are between 27 and 30 bucks for Goos, but I can't imagine anyone spending 40 bucks for one of those Sugar Ray T-shirts. Woof. I got one groovy pinkish-reddish one with the tourdates on the back and some stickers for 10 bucks, a few of which I've never seen before and I'll scan if y'all wanna see them.

It was fantastic, I wanna go see them tonight! Not gonna happen, but we can always dream.