Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
April 3, 2003

From: Kaye

Here's my Kick-assin' GOO review......YOU WANTED DETAILS!!!!! (Maybe when you're done, you'll rethink the details comments!!!) This is really, really long!!!!! Denver was everything & more. No sightings of GOO, partial-GOO (Greg or Jason), or any of the pirates!!! But, we did run into several famous people, so I thought I would talk about them first.. George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic stayed at our hotel. We met Frankie (one of the musicians). He was wondering if we were staying for their show, which was the following night. We said we were leaving in the morning to come home. He was so kind to us & very cool, of course, that I wanted to mention him. Also, when we returned from the GOO's concert, we could hear music through our wall. The most wonderful voice & quiet music. We left a note under his door this morning thanking him for the serenading. It was AWESOME!!! We spent the day of the concert shopping & walking around downtown. We found ourselves at the Brown Palace-Denver's historical & very POSH hotel. Both Deb & I lived in Colorado for many years, but had never been inside. It was our chance to check it out. We spent about a half hour enjoying the beautiful hotel and made our way to the back of it. David Bryan ( BJ's keyboard player) was standing just inside the revolving door. Then, Jon comes through the doors and is coming right towards me!! Well, actually, he's making a beeline to the elevator. I just happen to be standing in front of it. He had a swagger to his walk and I could tell he didn't want to be approached..His hair was messy (very windy outside), dark glasses with black frames, black shirt and black pants. As he got on the elevator, I knew I would never have this chance again....I wanted to come up with something clever, funny & intelligent to say to him. So, I dug down deep & as he turned to push the elevator button (I'm sure he was thinking..HURRY..HURRY, CLOSE!!!) I yelled, "Hey Jon, I'll see you at the show tonight!" Alright, it wasn't the most clever line ever said, but it worked. He looked up at me and smiled that Jon Bon Jovi smile and waved to me!!!!! I was satisfied and started towards the door. Deb was behind me and said the same thing to him as the doors were closing. She got the same smile and wave!!!! We were so proud of ourselves.. We never even thought of running into the BJ guys, so it was a nice surprise!!!!!! No GOO sightings, so back to our hotel we went. We couldn't stand it. We thought maybe we could catch them leaving to go for their sound check, so back to the Brown Palace we went... 45 mins & no GOO!! Just as we were leaving, a blue truck pulled up. It's Jake Plummer! For those of you non-football fans, he's the x-quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals and newly signed with the Broncos. Deb is yelling "Jake Plummer, where???" as he's looking right at her smiling.. It was funny!!!! We ended up talking with him for about 15mins. He was going to the Bon Jovi concert & was really excited about it. He was going to meet the band. We wanted to talk about the Broncos & he wanted to talk about Bon Jovi!!! We could tell we overstayed our welcome. A good-looking twenty-something guy with an "old gal" & an 8 month pregnant lady!!! Back to our hotel we went. We were GOO sightings for us this trip.. But, we were looking forward to the concert. The GOOs came out at 7:30 sharp with DIZZYplaying to a 98% full house. Deb & I jumped up & had a great time. We were half way back on the floor. Everyone in our section & in front of us were standing. Which was very cool!!! I looked behind me a few times to see a few people sitting down. Their loss!!!!! John wore a white wife-beater, with camo pants. He never did put on a bandana or hat the whole concert. His hair had a good night!! Robby was in a black tshirt with black jeans. Mike had on a black tshirt. The BJ fans around us were awesome!!! They didn't mind us screaming & singing through the set. Our section was very interesting, so I wanted to talk about them. The guys behind us were friggin drunks. They spilt more beer than they comsumed (lucky for them) There was beer everywhere!!!! There were 2 tall chicks in front of me. I could see John right between them, until they would put their heads together to talk, which was every 45 seconds!! But, they were cool ladies. They realized they were taller than me & even offered me their seats. Very cool!!! Half way through the GOOs, the makeout artists came & stood in front of the 2 tall chicks. They were event taller than the 2 tall chicks!!!. So when the 2 tall chicks weren't talking, the makeout artists were lip to lip!! & right in my way. But, somehow, I managed to see the GOOs!! Two rows in front of the makeout artists were the fornicators!!! Several of us complained about them, but it didn't slow them down one bit. I know this is a G-rated board....Back to GOO, YEAH!!! There were so many things I loved about this show. First, the crowd was very festive. They were very open to GOO!! The GOOs were upbeat, smiling and pointing, waving to the crowd! The set list was the same... after slide, John said "Hey, you guys are good" Of course, everyone had sung Slide. John changed petty world to shitty world in Big Machine. Robby yelled, "Everybody" & the crowd started singing the na na's in What a Scene. Very cool!! Sympathy was a wonderful moment. John was on the left cat walk, lights down, spotlights on him. I have never heard him sing this song better. The tone, the feeling, it was all there. Robby was sitting by the drums. He was sipping on a drink as he was shaking that shaker!!! I think he enjoyed the one quiet moment he would have during the show... Robby was full of energy and constantly smiling. He sounded great during Smash & Tucked away. Too much fun to watch!!! There were some great moments during Broadway. After Jason's sax solo, John clapped. Then, the bantoring between Greg & John with the guitar solos. John turned to Greg & said "Fuck you, man! Too many notes for me!!" Then he continued to play. Greg shrugged his shoulders as to say he couldn't compete with John. John seemed satisfied & finished the song. It surprised me that Broadway was a crowd favorite. During Name, John went to the right side cat walk. When they got close to the guitar solos, John motioned to Robby to come over. Robbie was way on the left side of the stage. I loved watching Robbie run across the stage to meet John. That guitar part was so great. It's one of my favorite things to see them play together like that. John took his time getting back to the mic to finish the song. He faced the crowd, pointing over to the cat walk and said "That thing scares the hell out of me!!" Too funny.... Before the last line of Iris, John put his fists together & said "Stay tight, stay close together" nothing else was mentioned about the war. He said goodnight, "Thanks for listening to us. You've been good to us" They walked around the stage, waving to all the sections of the crowd. John grabbed the mic and held it out over the crowd and said, "Give yourself some love" The crowd went wild!!! He put his hand over his heart & motioned to throw it out to the crowd ssid, "I'll give you my love!" And off the stage they went. They were so awesome. I loved every minute. Bon Jovi was awesome. The crowd was deafening!!! This review has become way too long, but I wanted to mention a few things about Bon Jovi. During one song, Jon mentioned "Denver's new quarterback & how it was going to be great!". Of course the crowd went crazy. The lights went out & when they came back on, Jon had on a Denver Bronco football jersey on with Jake Plummer's name and number on it. I couldn't help but think that Deb & I knew that Jake was there!! I'm sure Jake was thrilled to see Jon have his jersey on. In closing, I wanted to comment about our GOOs & this concert. I love their rawness, honesty, truthfulness, how they love to play, and of course their music!!! GOOs ROCK!!!!! I do apologize for the lenght..but I wanted to get my memories down while I still had them......