Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
April 3, 2003

From: Shelly

first off, i must give BIG PROPS to our dear apple for showing eva and i such a good time in the mile high city! seriously, she was the hostess with the mostess and really went out of her way to make sure we had a good time! i owe you big time!! thanks!!! and, eva, far from being bothered by your foul mouth, i enjoyed finding a kindred soul in all things catty and cynical! i only kept a handle on my OWN foul mouth because i didn't want to smear the going-out lip gloss (you had to be there...)... this is eva, by the way, she knows why: in retrospect, i might have reconsidered the just reminded me too much of the type of thing i used to do on a regular basis when i got shnockered every other night (you know, stand on a table and sing off key...) but, being as my good going-out dr. pepper lip gloss did not do a THING towards getting us backstage, karaoke was the least i could have done! oh, well...maybe next time... our seats were pretty great, actually, compared to seats i've had before (need i mention red rocks?)...and the set was AWESOME. seriously, it was probably one of the best live sets i've heard from the goos, and i've been to four shows and i've got tons of live shows on cd (not trying to brag or anything, i swear, i just wanted to make a point of my point...what was my point??) particular, it was about the best performance of 'black balloon' that i've EVER heard. the only thing that sucked was the came too soon! i'm too used to them being the headliners, i guess, but i sure was sorry when the set ended. (summer tour...think...summer tour...that is your mantra...) bon jovi was kind of cool at first...i'm sort of into that whole nostalgia rock high-school-flashback thing...but after awhile...less was more. they could have turned at least ONE of the lasers off and turned down the fog machine...and jon bon jovi, while a great performer, is very theatrical, and after awhile the schtick got a little . i don't know, i don't like to downtalk anyone (seriously), but after they played the young guns song, what else was there?? in short, bon jovi was okay, but i really was there for the was JUST like dad coming in and taking your record player... the satellites were the COOLEST...i want some for my case you guys aren't getting the whole satellite reference, when the bon jovi curtain goes up there are three HUGE satellite dishes on the stage, and like eva said, i was sitting there going, "please, GAWD, tell me they are not going to come down from the satellite dish on a zip cord or something because i will have to die on the spot" but they didn't. however, turns out the dishes were giant tv screens so all of a sudden you see their faces and it's like "ack! they ARE in the satellites!" and now, for the interpretive belly dancers...there was this row of obnoxiously drunk women sitting in front of us who were seriously old enough to have known when to say when (i have this nightmare vision of them in the parking lot deciding who was the least drunk and could therefore drive home) stands to reason, though, that out of anywhere in that giant-ass arena they would be sitting by me...i have luck like that...after awhile they got more drinks and started doing this wierd pole-dancing shimmy moves to all the songs (no matter what the tempo) which i could only describe as interpretive belly dancing...the nail in the coffin was when they started playing air was pretty bad...the only thing that saved them from a bruising (i'm a fight starting kind of a girl, but i sort of think eva had my back on this one) was that they knew EVERY word to the goo a goober saves you a can of least in my book... crotch grabbing...the oft-mentioned hootchies in this thread that were assembled near the stage for gratuitous camera shots? well, during one of those, when ole jbj was going up to grab hands, someone grabbed his crotch...swear to GAWD...they showed it on like the biggest of the satellite dishes...and he didn't move...ICK. it was like the beginning of the end...i can only imagine that apple missed it because of the infamous mop had to be there... thanks again to apple and eva for a great's hoping for a summer tour so that maybe we can do it again! (sans the interpretive belly dancers...) and, of course, THANKS TO THE GOOS for an awesome show, as always, and for everything they do for us!!