Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
April 3, 2003

From: Eva

i had a hell of a good time so i'm probably gonna be long winded! the goos sounded fantastic and looked great...but it went really fast. all 3 of us were real quiet for a bit after it was Dad took away our record player! but i'm thankful for what they gave and glad to see them back this way. so if the bon jovi tour was your first time to see'll need to go to another haven't got the full effect yet. there were quite a bit of fans there and the crowd seemed to enjoy them. lots of people bee-boppin in their seats if they weren't standing or they were definately watching the set and the goos had their full attention. John played Sympathy on the catwalk on our side...and Robby had a pretty good mix of songs for such a short set. i couldn't make out anything that was being said. the goos are just a perfect live band...i'm never disappointed and i always know they'll blow me out of my seat. they have the most devout fans and i always feel mushy watching them in the crowd. the Pepsi Center Denver is awesome...i was just as impressed with it this time as i was when i saw nine inch nails there. our seats were pretty good...excellent considering when i saw NIN there we were up in the 2nd level...i felt like i was gonna topple over up i was really pleased. me and Shelly kept trippin on the nosebleed seats...waiting for someone to fall over on us all. alot of those seats were filled up was a packed i thought that was pretty cool. bon jovi...i really enjoyed them. i know most of their old stuff verses new stuff so it was like a blast to the past for me...major 80's flashbacks and i had such a great time in the 80's so i was tickled pink. bon jovi puts on a hell of a show and their set is just fantastic. i loved the lasers and the effect of the satellite dishes against the millions of little lights curtain. and i must say...bon jovi fans kick some serious ass! it was like a party in that place...people having such a good time. i'm a big crowd watcher...i'm a freak about live shows and have always wanted a career involving them. i was really in heaven and got a little teary eyed watching this crowd and watching jovi and goos intensity. if i could put Richie Sambora and John Rzeznik on a stage together and watch them play...i'd live there. so since Apple was asleep next to me...and the mop girl was the only thing that woke her and Shelly was satisfied with the satellite dishes...i got the binnoculars all to myself to watch the crowd up close and the guitar solos. i really got off on jovi's saturday night song...forgot the name of it...cause of the vibrating rumble that went up to my skull...woooooo! hot damn! a funny moment...well...we had a lot of them at jovi's expense i don't know which one of us said it first...i think Shelly did...but we were definately thinking the same and her seem to think the same way about certain things but we were looking at the satellites wondering what was gonna go down with those and we were like, "hey...maybe they'll all be in the satellite!"...Shelly going through scenarios and the logistics of how they will get down from the satellite onto the stage lmao Shelly's hilarious... so when the dish showed it's face...there they were! i was like, "look...they are in the damn thing!" we all also giggled over Jon Bon Jovi being in "making the video" mode at times. jovi fans...just bear with's so different to watch goo from jovi...the goos...they just play and have a good time, you know? jovi...they do that too, but they add all this drama...which is fun...i thought it was definately adds alot of's just tiring after awhile cause they have a long set...they need to share the love and give the goos more time. i hated the video people stuff in the satellite and they end their songs...all their it's their last song of the night. and it' sofficial...Jon Bon Jovi is a male J-LO with all those costume changes drama baby...draaamaaa! that's all i remember so far...i'm sure i bothered apple and Slave Girl with my occassional foul mouth we went light rail tripping through the 16th Street mall...and...i won't even comment on binnoculars. oh...John and Robby played on the catwalk together too...there was quite a bit of jamming going between them all which was really cool.