Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
April 3, 2003

From: Avery

Just got home from the show! Just so you know, the Goos were terrific. I went with Shelly (sLaVe_GiRl) and Eva. We wandered around downtown for a while, bought a bandana, lost the bandana, then found the bandana.(It was a rather eventful experience, lol). When we got back over to the venue, there were about 5 radio stations all set up outside, but one of them was having a karaoke contest to get backstage passes to meet the Goos. Eva tried to get me to sign up for the contest, I tried to get Eva to sign up, and Shelly didn't want to have anything to do with karaoke, lol. So we stood around and watched other people sing off key, lol. There was a "Johnny clone" at the show. We saw this guy that had blonde highlighted hair and a bandana and he was wearing a Dizzy-era t-shirt, he didn't actually look anything like John, but I thought it was hilarious to see some guy dressed up like him. Our seats were pretty good, we sat on what you could call the John/Greg side, we were in the back corner of the stadium, but our row was almost perfectly level with the stage, so you could see over all the floor seating. Um, I'm trying to think of what all happened. Oh we saw about 20 blondes that all looked strikingly similar all get escorted backstage before the Goos came on, then they all got escorted to the front of the stage right before Bon Jovi's set . The Goos' set was great as I said before. They really rushed through it, very little talking between songs, and it was over way too fast. But they played well, and the audience seemed to be really nice and they were cheering. I chickened out on bringing my own camera into the show, but I bought one of the overpriced Bon Jovi disposable cameras and basically used the entire role on the Goos. I called CTC during Big Machine. It was really fun, but I wished they had played longer. Then Bon Jovi came on. What can I say? They're great performers and really put on a show, but they just aren't my cup of tea. The personal highlights of their set for me were laughing over Jon Bon Jovi's tight stretchy pants, and laughing about how it look like JBJ needed to Nair his chest again because it was getting fuzzy. I also enjoyed the aerobics, costume changes, and melo-dramatic performance during one of the songs (I can't remember which one). The lights were pretty fun and I had a good time watching a security guy use his flashlight to signal to one of the employees when it was time for them to mop up something on the floor. (I know this might sound rude and/or sarcastic, but I honestly found it all entertaining, and that is the point of a concert, right?).