Daytona, FL NASCAR- Daytona Speedway - Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert
June 28, 2003
From: Rose

ok.... well first of all... let’s say that it was a clusterfuk from the get go... I went out to Daytona on Friday to meet up with Amy and Michele and some other people from WOG so we could figure out a game plan for Sat... we had sort of a game plan... I was supposed to meet them back at their hotel at 7 and then we were all going to have breakfast and head over to check out the track situation... according to the DEI web site the parking gates opened at 11 and the concert gates opened at 12... so we were going to get a spot in line for parking about 9... well at 6 am I try calling the hotel to let them know I am on my way.... no one is answering at the front desk for about 30 minutes.... finally they answer... connect me to their room no one is answering, so I dial 0 and decide I’ll try the other room.... never got anyone from the front desk to answer the phone.... after a total of about 45 minutes I gave up... Amy had mistyped her cell number when she had emailed it to me so I had no way to get in touch with anyone.... I sorted back through about a hundred emails and found another when that she had sent out about a month or so ago and called her... no answer... I left a voice mail telling her I would meet them at the track... I was stopping for food on my way out there.... so about 8 am I am in Daytona.... I notice that they are letting people into the parking area... so I run to McD’s and grab a bagel and coffee and go back to the track... some people were walking up to the gates and then back.... other people were having tailgate parties in the parking lot... I decided to just hang there for a few ... ...saw some other goo girls go by walking towards the gate with their chairs and such so I waited to see if they would come back or if they were allowed to stay up there... they never came back so I got my chair and stuff and headed up there.... about 30 people were sitting by the entrance gates on chairs and blankets... so I found the goo girls and sat near them.... they were cool... they were from Chicago and had these 3 cool banner type things that had like a racing theme to them... they were black and white checkered on on side with G G D in sparklie red( one letter on each board) on the back of each board they had “hi Johnny.... Robby.. Mike” (each on a separate board) where the guys names were they were either on red/white/ or blue backgrounds with stars and the names were in silver... they were very festive.. in the race/4th of July theming.... so I hung out with them and waited for the girls... about 2 hours later I saw Amy and her friends Sue and Kelly.... by this time there were about 20 people behind me and then a barricade to keep a driveway cleared and then the second group of people which was where Amy and them were.... about 20 minutes later people from the back section were coming in to fill the empty space in the front section so I went back and brought the WOG girls up to where I was... so we were a big bunch of goo girls now... about 15 or so total... so we wait.... and wait... people start picking up their chairs and shifting forward, so we do that.... and wait some more.... then comes the rain... just a little drizzle... then comes the sun again... then the gates open and it is a mad dash for the stage which is about 1/2 mile from our starting point... of course we got split up but I managed to get to Amy and her friend Sue... a couple of the other girls went around to Robby’s side and we stayed on John’s... had it not been for everyone and their chairs we’d have been on the rail, but because of the spacing we were about 6 rows back... not too bad... we were determined to get closer for Goo... it’s now about 12:45... it’s HOT as hell... you can’t get out to get anything cause people are just putting their chairs wherever they can fit... there are no aisles left for people to walk through... it’s going to be a long HOT afternoon.... but I became quite the little entrepreneur... LOL.... people kept making me move so they could get in and out so about two hours into our stay I started telling people that the toll was a bottle of water... I actually had three different people bring it back for me... I never left my spot.... LOL... and it was so hot that if you were just drinking water you didn’t need to go to the bathroom.... you were sweating it out before it hit your bladder.... I know that I went about 10 am before we got into the venue and didn’t go again til about 8 pm at the hotel.... and I drank about 10 bottles of water and a pepsi during the show.... LOL the people around us for the most part were pretty cool... they were mostly there for the country people and said they’d let us move up for Goo... which we were determined to do anyway.... only had one really bad incident that kind of put a damper on our day and that was at about 3:45 right before Alabama came on... this older guy and his two sons who had platinum passes decided that they wanted to come up front in the GA section(which they had access to)... so they came up and basically pushed these two guys who were standing next to me out of their spots...literally....the two guys went to security... they said there was nothing they could do about it... I said that’s bullshit WE have been here since 12... they have been back in the hospitality tent in the air conditioning since then and now they think they can just come up here and push us out of spots we’d been occupying for 3 hours UMMMM NOOOOOOOO.... general admission=first come first served... we were first and we shouldn’t be getting pushed around by people with $1000 seats... if they wanted to be up close to the stage they should’ve came up there at noon, instead of hanging out in the air conditioning for 3 hours and then trying to take our spots away from us.... security did nothing... the two guys that were standing there initially were about to get into a big ass fight with the old guy... me and Wendy diffused it by scrunching up a little so they could still be there... and by telling them that getting kicked out now wasn’t going to make it any better... the old guy said “ why don’t you just calm down and enjoy the show?” we were like “dude... no disrespect meant but we were enjoying the show til you came here and took over our spots... “ he tried getting all high and mighty on us... we just ignored him and talked over him and to other people... everyone was trying to make him leave... LOL.... fuker... well after Alabama the two guys that came up with him left and he was alone... so the two guys that had been there all along moved into those spots.... the old man was just being an ass... he asked me what the big deal was.... I said “well sir, this is the general admission area.... that means that you come early and you get a good spot... you don’t wait til the show starts and then come up here and push people out of their spot because you didn’t want to be up here sweating for the three hours before the show starts... “ and I added “ and I have no problem letting someone in front of me to see their band.. I have already talked to these other people and they are going to let me move up for my band in which they have no interest... ”but for you to just come up here out of no where and push us around and intend to stay for the whole show, I am sorry but that is bullshit... and when the Goos come on you can expect me to push in front of you.” he just gave me that ‘you should have more respect for your elders’ look,, but hell he had no respect for us so fuk him. so then Alabama plays... then they US Navy does a fly by with four F16s... that was pretty cool... throughout the show they were highlighting Dale’s career and stuff... then Kenny Chesney played... he was ok... pretty much everyone around us was mainly there for him... about 30+people came from no where and got in front of us to watch him... they were crowding all they way to the rail... I told Amy, as soon as he’s done we move up... I looked up and the sky was pitch black.... (I had been watching it roll in for his whole set but knew it was going to rain before or during Goo...) well he is just walking offstage and the sky opens up... we are literally saturated within a minute... people are moving, I grab my stuff and we start to make our way forward... we get to the rail and this girl starts giving us shit... she says “you can’t stay here without a chair”... I said “well that’s bullshit because during the last set over 30 people walked past me when I was right there -->(pointing to where we’d been standing), and they came right up here and stood and you didn’t say shit to them“...”well now MY band is going to play... it is fuking raining buckets and I am going to stand HERE and watch them and then I am going to leave... GOT IT?” she just looked at me... one good crack of lightening and the whole area cleared out except for about 30 people... we were on the rail the security guy said they might call the show, due to electrical activity I looked up and said “nope... it’s already almost done... they might delay but they aren’t going to end it”... then came the announcement about moving under shelter... I said “fuk that... I am NOT moving anywhere... if I get struck I was meant to”... we stood our ground... more people left... then another announcement about a twenty minute delay to see if the storm was going to blow over... and it did... the rain was done, the lightening was still going on for about ten more minutes... the stage was set up and they were sweeping the water off it and using a blower to dry it... from where we stood we could see the guys in the opposite corner at the back of the stage getting ready to come out... Damage is still tuning Johnny’s guitars... Theresa Ernhardt came out and did another little speech thing and then came the Goos... we had a great belly shot throughout the show... he was wearing this blank tank that was cut off right under his ribs.... and his camos were hanging low on his hips and you could see his Hilfiger boxers... he was wet when he walked out and was doing the *truth* hair massage on stage... OMG is all I can say... the woman behind me who was there with her daughter and her husband to see Sheryl Crowe said “OMG that man is gorgeous! I had no idea”.. LOL... Go Johnny... you sexy thing you... the guys were all over the stage but we took most of our pics off the screen because the stage was really high and there were about 6-8 feet between the stage and the rail... first real technical difficulties came during ‘Name’... John started with an untuned guitar... he threw it on the stage.. Damage brought him another.... there were these girls to our right that had a sign that said something about needing a hug... and Johnny said “you need a HUG? YOU need a HUG? I NEED A HUG!” then he laughs... they carry on... during the big “Name” solo John and Robby are jamming and Johnny slipped in a puddle of water and busted his ass... he got up laughing and said “I should quit while I’m ahead” then realized he’d broken a string on his guitar and said “ I broke it...” handed it back to Damage and finished out the song with keyboards and no guitar... he just kept throwing his hands up in the air in frustration but kept a smile through out.... the next TD came at the beginning of Iris... John started playing and there was no sound coming... he handed his guitar back to Damage... he got another.. still nothing... he yelling channel 10... sound? nothing... he looks down and says “ummm can I get a cable here” Damage brings him a cable... still nothing... John puts the guitar down and tell Greg to just start the song already... so it’s keyboards, bass and mandolin(and Mike of course)... he sings almost all the way to the big jam session with no guitar... they jam... it is AWESOME.... the song ends he thanks us all for sticking it out with them.... he hands his guitar to Damage... Robby sees the spot of water that Johnny fell in earlier and does this belly slide through it as if to mock him and John runs over and does one too... LOL... that was how they exited the stage... it was fuking awesome is all I can say... they were complete troopers throughout... he was visibly frustrated but kept a smile and a sense of humour and did NOT cuss one time during any of it... bless his little heart.... we let the Crowe people move back up to where we were... the couple behind me with the little girl were really nice.... about three songs into the set Mike came over and handed the little girl a pick... her mom told her to hold on tight to it... she wouldn’t even let her dad see it... it was so funny.... then during the show I noticed that Greg was smiling at her cause she was on her dad’s shoulders and totally jamming...( she was like maybe 5) so I said “wave to Greg, he’s smiling at you....” and I pointed to him and she starts waving to him and he smiles again and she was smiling and really happy to be noticed... it was very cute... Johnny had waved at her a couple of times as well... they were really nice the woman gave me her email addy and thanked us for letting them have the rail for Sheryl Crowe and told us that she really enjoyed Goo even though she wasn’t previously a fan... they really impressed her... and she said John was beyond cute and Mike giving her daughter the pick really made her day... that was nice to hear... so we left... I had to take off my shoes cause my socks were soaked and it felt like I was walking on sponges... it was really gross... so I took them off... rung out my socks and POURED water out of my sneakers... I met Amy and the girls at their hotel and I changed into dry clothes there.... I had to run across the street to a little gift shop and buy a pair of shoes so we could go to dinner... then we ate and they went back to the hotel and I attempted to try to come home.... LOL... I missed where the interstates split off and ended up driving an hour out of my way before realizing I was on the wrong highway and had to cut across on a different road for about 50 miles to get home.... I got here and crashed... woke up this morning about 10 ish... will take my one disposable to Walgreens in a while for developing....