Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
March 19, 2003

From: GothicBlueCJ

Hey there, Well I'm FINALLY writing about the Dallas concert--sorry it has taken a while but you kw how life going---something always comes up. If I start to ramble on SORRY again but I want to have it where you guys were there w/ me ok! :-D WHO would have thought this is the night we go to war--there was NO mention from either band and did not find ot till we got back to the hotel room! (I swear something has happened in relation to the GOOs when I have seen them---War starts on March 19th and back on Dec.4th in SA the front of a building facade collapses 2 blocks from where they performed). OK now on to the story! Ok my buddy and I left San Antonio the day of the concert and made it to Dallas in 4 hours(some people are suprised w/ this as it normally takes 5-6 hours and we even had to make a pit stop). We checked in to the Bradford Homesuites that is right behind the American Airlines Center around 3pm and we freshed up and left around 6pm. Since my friend wanted to take her car we drove the 1-2 blocks to the AAC(oh woah is me!) but I'm glad we did cuz then look at what happened! This one tickettaker asked me is I had a camera and STUPID me I said yes and he told me I could not bring it in BUT that they would be selling disposibles inside! So there we go back the car(I have an Advantix ZOOM camera and my buddy a zoom 35mm). Ok we go back and that same guy stops me to ask what type of camera I had--I tell him I had just a regular Advantix one and he procedes to tell me that it would have been ok if I brought that or a disposible in w/ me! DAMN!!! OK it gets worse--I had this US Flag gift bag where I had some major tiems for the guys(ESPECIALLY at least 20 pes dispensers for Robby and 2 shirts 1 for Mike and the other for Johnny). Right before I go thru the metal detectors I set my bag on the table and a 2nd man asks if I have food and I said no but it's only candy and for the guys! GUESS WHAT? He tells me that they got a message that the guys(which I think he thought it was BJ I had the gifts for) "did not want gifts to be given to them tonight". I said "AREU SURE?" and then there we go back to the car. BUT I did manage to take in some items like ONLY ONE Pez(a brown furry teddy bear one-those new ones)and a letter for Robby, one shirt for Johnny and a letter for him and a necklace and NOTHING for Mike. I WAS PISSED!!!! >:-{ ANYWAY, We had floor seats and we were supposed to be front row of that section but AAC added an addtional 3 rows in front of that! ...being sarcastic here...GREAT!!!!! We were at an ok distance from the stage--IF I WOULD HAVE had my zoom camera.....BUT I digress! :-| Once we got in I went straight like a mad woman to find a camera which I did for $15. So I told my friend to spot Mike the bodyguard and she did. I had seen Damage over by Johnny's guitars but he was coming and going. I told her to come w/ me but she did not as "just in case any ticketchecker person who might have asked/stopped me asked where I was going I could have told them where I was sitting and she was my proof!" OOOKKKK----her decision right? Ok I go up there but Mike is talking to 2 blondes and I waited like a courteous person. Then when they finished I went to the barricade. This part is cute---there was this little girl I guess like 8-10 who had this tiny gift and she asked if Mike could give it to the guys and her mom told him that it was some questions she wrote down for the guys. Mike was all attentive towards the little girl and told her that he would give it to Robby. Mike later let one of the event staff to let them get to the front when the guys came on--ain't that cool?! MIKE ROCKS!!!! Ok then it was my turn and I told Mike I had many gifts and that security was a bitch to which he said "Yeah security is pretty bad." So I proceded to give him the gifts and when I gave the Pez to him I said "Ok this goes to Robby" and he said something like "No shit!" or "Nah-really?" Then I said "Ok give it to Mike!" MISSION accomplished and i even had the balls to ask him if I could go up to the front too and he said "Let's see how the front row looks like." I go back to my seat and my friend tells me to find this other SA area fan who was like 4th row and to give her my camera and there I go again up to the front and my friend DID NOT(her decision right?!). I asked that fan to take pix for me but she told me that she takes lous pix----so I stayed there chatting it up w/ her and her friends. Luckily there was noone in the seat I took over and when the lights came down we all went straight for the end of the row. Then the guys came on and the 4 of us fans one by one got permission/the ok to go to the front! I had made a sign but it was w/ my friend. Those ther 2 fans had their signs by the barricade and the guys saw them! OK like 5-6 songs into their set I waved Mike over to me and asked that if I went to get my sign would I lose my place and he said no and told the event staffer to let me come back too. COOOL!!!!! LUV YA MIKE!!! So I go back to my friend and I grabbed the sign and reassured her that I'm taking pix and got to the front! Yep sure enough when I got back they let me thru and I showed the guys my sign. They saw it and smiled of course! Ok the usual set list was played and they got on at 7:30 and off by 8:15-20pm but I still remember other little funny things. -Robby was laughing when they did Sympathy when he plays that shaker--don't ask! He looked funny! :-P -Johnny asked what the heck the guy w/ the IV looking thing w/ 2 colored long flasks he was moving around was and when he was told they were margaritas Johnny said "I don't do that shit!" -Another time he saw this guy and said that that guy was probably saying "Get the F*ck off the stage!"(he said this 2x w/ a smile). -They jammed from one side of the stage to the other and even got on the small catwalks. -I could have swore when they sang Here is Gone, Johnny says "I know she's out there!" instead of "I know it's out there!" Was it me or is this the right way? -Johnny was in the usual camo pants, and white tank top and no hankerchief till like halfway thru the set when he pt on the black knit cap w/ the red cross on it(I found out this cross symbol is used by skaters and means INDEPENDENCE--just a little side note.). WHEW!!!! I hope this helped some of u guys enjoy it s little bit. I hope and pray to get to go to the Las Vegas gig and I PLAN to take MY camera in and if not get a better disposible one! AND also I can try to get the other gifts to the guys! Oh by the way my pix came out so-so to ok--nothing to write home about-----I'm spoiled w/ my camera! I know u guys understand me! ;-} Hope all is cool w/ u guys and please t/c and have GOOreat fun ok! Peace to all of u! ;-D