Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
March 19, 2003

From: Nikki

the show TOTOALLY FUCKING ROCKED!!!! I just barely made it there. My mom and I stayed at my uncles and we went to eat at an IHOP and lets just say I wabout about to go postal on my cousins because they were freaking out because they wanted more bacon and it was almost 7:00. We left and of couse with my luck we hit traffice for about 15 of the 20 minutes of the trip from IHOP. We got the the american airlines center and when we went in I kept making the metal detector go off. I don't know what it was. Finally they used the wand on me and I was fine. We found out seats and probably not more then 10 minutes and the show started. They guys were great of course. I'll try to remember the setlist, in no particular order they did dizzy, slide,black balloon,smash, tucked away, big machine, here is gone, all eyes on my, what a scene sympathy, Iris.name, broadway, I think think thats it, I feel like I'm leaving something out. They didn't do american girl which I was disappointed about. The place was pretty much full for the guys. it seemed to me like everyone gave them a good welcome. Like everyone else says my mom and I don't think the guys played long enough.. but you know what can ya do its not there tour. Bon Jovi ROCKED!! I was totally impressed. I would definalty go see them again. Those satelite things were FUCKIN ROCKING . I'll try to remember the set list some of the songs I don't know the names of. this again is in no particular order I don't remember the order, They did bounce, living on a preyer, you give love a bad name, everyday, wanted dead or alive alive, raise your hands,misunderstood, blaze of glory, runaway, bad medicine, I'll be there for you (richie on lead vocals) which was awesome. the distance, which was also awesome because some ladies had signs and Jon read them and said the signs said their husbands were in Iraq and he dedicated the distance to all the troops over there and the whole place went nuts. Born to be my baby, God I know there did more my poor little brain is not working so I can't remember and like I said I don't know the names of some of the songs so hopefully someone else who went remembers the entire list. Other then the goos not playing long enough other thing is I wish my seats were about 8 or 10 rows farther down then it would have been perfect. I have such bad eyesight that anything farther then about 15 or 20 feet away from me is pretty far away but I was just glad to be here. Those satelites helped with my view so I'm thankful for them.LOL I didn't buy anything because the line was so freakin long so my mom and I are just going to get something online. and on the way home we stopped in oklahoma city to I could get music in high places. The damn best buy didn't have it or didn't have it on the shelf yet and the 2 music stores in the mall are going out of buisness so they didn't have it. So I got the Bounce cd and I'm just going to order the DVD on line. Well that is my story. Not as exciting as some of the others but it was fun.