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Day in the Garden
Aug 16, 1998
Bethel, NY

The Goo Goo Dolls finally came on to the stage at about 4:30 pm, Eastern.

(note: I couldn't tell colors very well)

For those that care about clothes or whatever, Johnny had a black tank top
and shorts on. Robby had a black(?) tee shirt and shorts. Mike wore a blue 
shirt with a black stripe and black(?) shorts. Nathan had a black shirt and 
black pants on.

The set list is at the end, but it was basically a condensed version of what 
they played at the Artpark show the day before. Nathan played his green 
guitar ("#12") up to Lazy Eye, then switched to a brown(?) Fender-type. 
I couldn't tell which guitar it was, but Johnny played a black Fender-like 
guitar up to Lazy Eye and then switched to a black, brown, and white 
sunburst. Fender-type. Mike's drums sounded awesome, especially the 
snare, which was really clear and crisp.

Song #7 was a new track from Dizzy called Slide (which apparently

will be the first single from Dizzy), John sang - and played acoustic 
guitar. However, it was a rocking song, with a really catchy beat.
"I wanna wake up where you are, I won't say anything at all"
"Here tonight", I think, was repeated by Robby at the end... for what
it's worth.

Song #9 was another new one, called Dizzy. Really funky, punchy bassline 

from Robby. Another good rocker. A bit of a throwback rock song, really 

cool, actually. Can't wait to hear the album version! At this point, 

John switched to the Purple Les Paul-type, and Nathan had a blue Fender-type. 

The song had a slower break for the solo and then came back faster back into 
the chorus.

Song #10 was a new one sung by Robby, called Fool Forever. Sounded really 

cool. Slower verse, with arpeggiated guitars, and then a fast chorus.

Before Naked, John urged the crowd not to get nostalgic and come 
back in 30 years in their BMWs. Was quite funny. 

They then played Broadway which is yet another new one off Dizzy.
This starts slow, but is not at all another Iris or Name. It's almost 
more comparable to Flat Top, but that's the best I can think of. 
Quite a different song for the Goos, but VERY good.
"Broadway is dark tonight" in the chorus... this song is about 
Broadway in Buffalo, not the New York City Broadway, by the way.

Mike was really kicking ass on Flat Top, especially towards the end, 
which turned into a pretty good free-for-all... quite cool! After Flat 
Top, they left the stage for a while with some feedback going on the
 guitars, but then came back with Iris. Nathan was on the mandolin 
and used the same guitar as he has in the talk show appearances. Of 
course, the crowd loved Iris, and the Goos did a great job with it.

"We'll see you guys, thanks a lot!" from Johnny and they were done.

It was a great show, on a really hot day. The guys sounded great, 
Nathan fits right in, and Mike just kicked ass on the drums! All the 
new songs were really cool, and it sounds as if Dizzy will be a GREAT record!

Here is the full set list:

1. Long Way Down
2. Fallin' Down
3. Burnin' Up
4. Stop The World
5. String Of Lies
6. Lazy Eye "A scary song... don't get creeped out" - John
7. Slide (from Dizzy Up The Girl - sung by John)
8. Name
9. Dizzy (from Dizzy Up The Girl - sung by John)
10. Fool Forever (from Dizzy Up The Girl - sung by Robby)
11. Naked
12. Broadway (from Dizzy Up The Girl - sung by John)
13. Flat Top
14. Iris (from Dizzy Up The Girl - sung by John)