From: Jess

Aug 24, 1999
Washington, DC

I originally didn't have tickets for this concert... I originally was not allowed to go. But a simple twist of fate came my way, and one week before the concert at merriweather i had front row tix to see the goos for a second time!!!....

the Goos were on rockline on August 16, 1999 and of course I tried calling in. I tried for two hours and I GOT THROUGH!!!! The week before i had listened to the goos on modern rock line and they said they loved to give guidance, and i needed some badly. See, i went to see them at HFestival but i lied to my mom about how i got there and she found out and wouldn't let me go the the goo concert in august casue of it (ggggrrrrr). I wanted to know if the goos had any advice of how i could convince my mom on lettling me go.

Well, i was put on hold from 12:27 to 12:43 and finally I GOT TO TALK TO MY BABIES!!!!.....We wound up talking for 8 minutes on the air, and the convo was REALLY GREAT!!! they actually wanted to talk to me!!!! We talked about my mom's rules, and guidance conselours etc., and finally when the talk show host, Bob, was getting a little ticked that we were talking so long Johnny was like " I'm gonna settle this right now!!" and he gave me tix so I could come see him in concert - isnt that the sweetest thing ever!!! Later on he said I could even come backstage and meet them if I wanted to!!!!

So the day of the concert came.....

I went to pick up my tickets, and THEY WERE FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!! WAHOO!!! I almost died right then and there. I didnt think i'd have front row seats so i didnt make a sign or anything, but once i found that out I went and stole a box from boardwalk fries - they wouldnt give one to me so I had to take it, but anyway and i wrote "Johnny, I'm Jessica - the girl who needed guidance on Rockline." When Johnny came on stage he kept looking at me, and I would gesture for him to come over and read my sign. Finally during the third song he did and was like "I remember you, what's up?"....He brought his microphone over and placed it right in front of me for the next song (It probably had nothing to do with me but I choose to believe that it did =) ) anyway, he let me hold his hand for like 2 seconds later on in the show...I almost died again!!!!

As for the backstage passes - they kinda fell through. I think the band forgot that they said i could come meet them, cause when i went backstage the security people said they had left.... boohoo!!! But I totally understand and hold no grudges.. they are busy and were, I'm sure, very tired !! One day ill meet them!!

Fastball, and Sugarray were very good. I let my mom sit up front for them since she was nice enough to let me come, so I didn't pay that much attenetion... plus i was running around trying to find a sign for Johnny.. they really got the crowd pumped and ready for the goos!!