From: Jenny

Newport Music Hall
Nov 20, 1998
Columbus, OH

We drove 3 hours and got to the theater at 5:00, and sat outside in 40 degree weather until 7. It was all worth it though because we were the first ones in line and got front row!! The show was so awesome. The only bad things were that the theater wouldn't let me bring in my signs, and they were really strict about cameras. I saw so many cameras and rolls of film destroyed, but I decided to chance it and got at 6 or 7 pictures taken.

Buffalo Tom opened and they were pretty good, a lot better than I'd expected them to be. They played for about 45 minutes. It seemed like we had to wait forever, but finally at about 9:30 someone in a black robe came out and lit the candles.

The Goo's came out and jumped right into Dizzy and Long Way Down. Johnny was wearing a wife beater and brown leather pants, Robby was wearing a black shirt and some awesome silver tear away snap pants, and Mike just had on shorts and a t-shirt. They looked awesome. They sounded awesome too. It was so great.

The theater wasn't that big, and I was right up front and center. People were moshing and crowd surfing all around me, and I have a huge bruise on my arm from it, but it was so much fun!! It was my first Goo concert, and it was also the first concert that I've been to where the band actually talked and joked around with the audience. It was the day before a huge college football game between Ohio and Michigan, so one of the first things Johnny said was "They told us to say 2 things to you guys, and one of them was fuck Michigan." Everyone went wild, except for me and my friend, since we're from Detroit. Who were about to get our asses kicked because we were yelling out stuff like ohio sucks and go blue. Johnny said something like "we're from buffalo so we don't know much about football.." I don't remember the rest but he was hilarious.

Robby was so cool too, he was just smiling the whole time. They all looked like they were actually having fun performing. Johnny would look up and point at people while he was singing. I made eye contact with him during Broadway!!! He smiled at me!!! A couple people threw their bras on stage, and Johnny picked one up and tried to put it on, then threw it back. The whole thing was so cool!!! At the end after Johnny smashed his guitar and they all left the stage I just stood there not wanting it to end. Everyone who hasn't been to a Goo show, go to one now!!! You don't know what you're missing. That was the best concert I've ever been to!!!