From Karen


August 17th

Polaris Amphitheater

Columbus, OH

Last night was awesome!! I met some other people from the mailing list at the show (Elaine, Cheryl, Julie, Connie, and Melanie). My husband and I were in the third row of our section, right in front of Robby! Just by luck, we ended up having seats right beside Julie, one of the girls we met there! We couldn’t believe it…but anyway, we got there pretty early.

Frogpond played in place of Fastball. They were pretty good. After Frogpond played, we went down to get something to drink, and happened to catch the second stage performance of Unspoken Word. They were pretty amazing!! I would highly recommend to anyone going to the show to check these guys out. I don’t know if you’ve heard about this yet, but they did spoken word poetry—it was very cool.

But anyway, what a great way to spend my birthday!! The Goo Goo Dolls were so very good last night, they were in complete high gear. They barely stopped between songs to talk, but that was okay because the music was so awesome! The stage has changed once again, they alternated between a silver foil curtain and a plain white backdrop with colored lights and spotlights on it. They played a similar set list as in previous shows.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Melanie threw her purple boa on stage and Johnny wore it!! He was too cute!! Dave is sporting a farankensteinesque brace on his leg, apparently nursing a broken leg or kneecap? The legend continues to grow about the boy. Johnny said his injury was the result of a drunken fall..who knows!! The injury certainly didn’t hamper his play!! He was so good.

The other girls in our group have a great encounter story to tell, and I will leave that to them…but suffice it to say, I coulda, shoulda been there!!! I will say this much though; during the encounter, Julie had given Johnny and Robby each a necklace and they were both wearing them last night!! Julie was so happy. They never cease to amaze me at how much they truly appreciate their fans.

You know, honestly, that’s about all I can say without coming off like a rambling fool! The show was almost surreal…the band was into it, the audience was way into it and it was just too bad the night ever had to end….but I think I always say that about a GGD’s show!! I am counting the days until the next one…..