From: Katie

The Blue Note
December 9, 1998
Columbia, MO


Oh wow, last night was so great! John Rzeznik never looked hotter, and Robby looked so cute!! He's so adorable!! They opened up with "Dizzy" and went into "Long Way Down" as I'm sure many of you know! It was so great!! Unfortunately they didn't pull anyone up for the last verse of "Name," I don't see how it would've been possible because there was really no way to get on stage, but I'm sure anyone would've done it to be on stage with the Goo Goo Dolls!!!

They didn't do the "Name" story which REALLY made me mad because I was so excited to hear it! I already know it from other reviews, but I wanted to hear him tell it! The mosh pits were incredible...since there were about 2700 people scrunched in this tiny place, there was literally no room for anyone, every inch of the place was covered except for the way up the the bar on either side. People had to stand along the back and along the walls, on the stairs and along the walls on the balcony too. A lot of the people that were moshing and crowd surfing just plain pissed me off, which is rude of me to say cuz they were just havin' fun, but it distracted me a lot of the time from hearing the Goos' songs. Then again more than half of them were either drunk or high, or both. So I don't really remember the band actually singing certain parts of certain songs since I was too busy being pushed around. It got so wild that John, in between songs, asked that the crowd surfing settle down because a girl (about 12) in the front row kept getting hit in the head. He asked about four or five different people if they were okay throughout the concert, even in the middle of a song. It's so awesome that he's so considerate! I love him...*sigh*... :)

Eventually, the mosh pits and crowd surfing got way too wild for me so I decided to go back to the bar and hang out with my sisters while my friends stayed on the floor. I was satisfied with being 5 feet away from John for the first half of the concert! A couple of my friends got some guitar picks, unfortunately I left immediately after the concert ended to avoid traffic, but I really wanted to stay behind and maybe catch a glimpse of the band.

John was wearing a "wife beater" shirt (white tanktop) with, I think, green or khaki cargo pants and white shoes with a black stocking cap. Robby had on a black button up shirt w/jeans and no shoes (OF COURSE!) and all I know is that Mike had on some kind of red shirt, maroon or something. Maybe it was tie-dyed, but I'm not sure about that either.

They did SOOO awesome!!! Some girl in the front took off the top layer of her shirts and John, in the middle of a song, said "Holy shit!" It was so funny!! The same girl also made a poster that said "Happy birthday (belated) Johnny!!" On the left there was a picture of the girl's baby dressed in a black shirt with a red star on it, and a black stocking cap, and above it said, "Johnny as a KID". On the right there was a recent picture of John in his black shirt with the red star on it wearing a black stocking cap and above it said, "Johnny as a MAN" I think. Johnny pointed and smiled at it. The girl said she'd given him the same picture of her son the night before at the K.C. concert and that he had it up on his bus wall!!

Anyway, I'm still glowing...the Goos are way too beautiful for it's hard for me to express how awesome last nigth was! For anyone that was there, just in case you saw me, I'm a youngin' (16) and I had on a tan v-neck shirt and my hair was up in a clip (I looked like shit since it was so incredibly hot in there and about 6 people practically landed on my head...) and I was with my twin who has short hair and she was wearing a v- neck sweater shell. Let me know if you might've seen me!! Oh, and I think some of you might've mentioned the fact how it sucks that there are so many people there that only go to the concert because of the songs "Iris," "Slide," and "Name" while people like us (who know pretty much every song...) are forced to be pushed around by them when we're just there to enjoy how incredible the Goo Goo Dolls are in every song they write!!! Oh well, just being that close to them was so great!!!

The opening band KICKED ASS!!!!!! They really set the mood for me, I was just jammin' to their beat the entire neck was even sore!! Well, it was definitely the greatest event I've ever been to in my life and I'm looking forward to the next time I see them!! Anyway, for those of you who are still actually reading this, thank you! And sorry if some parts don't make sense, I'm too tired to go through it and correct it! I was up late last night thinkin' of the Goos!!!!!