From: Sarah

The Blue Note
December 9, 1998
Columbia, MO

First off, I would like to thank the three/four girls that protected me from those damn crowd surfers, didn't catch your name but thanks a million!

Anyway, we got to the Blue Note like two hours before the concert started. Three people were already waiting in line. We went inside the building and my mom asked if we were aloud to take pictures. They said no but my mom and I heard music or something. She asked what it was and they said the sound checkers were amikn sure the eguipment was okay or something. They said we could go in and take a picture. When we got in there I saw the goo goo dolls were onstage doin' a sound check! A guy that worked there said if we acted like we belonged there no one would think to kick us out. We got to stay untile the concert. It was so awsome. I met a girl named Collene? and we talked about the Goos. She was really cool, she showed me the best places to be for the concert. She suggested the balcony, but I really wanted to stand in the mosh pit. I ended up standing in the front row by Collene

The opening band, Frog Pond was pretty good, I ended up buying there cd. They didn't seem to play that long. Before I knew they started setting up the Goos equipment. Then the guy came out and lit candles, and then the band came out playing Dizzy. After a while some people began crowd surfing. The crowd surfers may argue that they were just having a good time...but so was I, and when you are a short 14 year old with people kicking you in the head it's kinda hard to have a good time. But I am not going to complain Johnny looked at me and asked me if I was allright and if I wanted to move (yeah right like even if I HAD a choice it's not like I'd move). Later all these girls (including me) stuck out their hands for john to touch them...he did it and stopped at my had and handed me a pick and it said goo on it!

Later Robby sand his first song January Friend. I used to hate his music...then I listened to it and I thought it was okay.....after the concert I thought it rocked! He's just as good as Johnny man...

Anyway, after the show, me and my mom went out to the tour bus... I didn't think anyone would come out. Just when I wanted to leave though, John came out. He signed autographs, and he signed my cd booklet of their first release! My mom yelled John this is the kid that got kicked in the head! He said he was sorry about that and asked if I was okay. He was so nice, he let my mom take a picture of me and him. I hope they come back here again cause that was the best concert I have ever been to!