From: Tonya

The Blue Note
December 9, 1998
Columbia, MO

Pictures at bottom...

Hey all you Goo Fans! I hope you enjoy reading my Goo encounter! First of all I want to say the night seemed like it lasted forever. Suzy and I got to Holiday Inn and we noticed the Goo Goo Dolls Bus.They were staying at the same motel!

So then it is on to the Blue Note we go. We got there a little after 4:00 and spotted Kat. About an hour later some of Kat's friends showed up ( Tabi & Lisa ) which I met for the first time. We waited freezing half to death but finally got in. We got front row.

Frogpond opened for GGD's. They were really good. The lights went out and we waited for the Goo Goo Dolls! When they came out the crowd went crazy! We got so squished from all the body surfing ( I had the bruises to prove it.)

Sometime during the concert Suzy and I got drenched with water. They sounded great! Johnny did make a comment to the crowd about the body surfing. After all the songs ( personally I thought Broadway sounded the best ) Johnny broke his guitar.

After the concert we went to their bus and I got Johnny's autograph. He asked if we wanted to hang around. YES! I got a picture w/ Johnny & one w/ Robby. Robby was so nice! After all the excitement I realized my purse was gone. I was so mad because it had all my money,etc. in it. By then I was ready to go.

I went up to the bar where Johnny & Kat were and said I was leaving. I did find my purse on the way out. I should have stayed longer cause Kat went on their bus!

I know I haven't mentioned everything but it was a long night.All in all the Goo Goo Dolls ROCKED!! I never seen band members smile as much as Nathan and Robby did. It was great!

Tonya's Pictures from the Show!


John watches Robby sing

Ladies and Gentlemen... Nathan December

Mike and his set

Ticket Stub

Tour Bus