From: Kat

The Blue Note
December 9, 1998
Columbia, MO

Pictures at bottom...

Review, is gonna be short..

I met Tonya in front of the Bluenote. We were first in line. Then Lisa, and Tabi, joined us. The night before Johnny had promise to get me passes for this concert! When they opened the doors, we went straight in. About 30 mins. later, I went to see if I had passes??!! Well, kool, they were there! I came back with two, but had 4 other people with me!

I saw Collene there in the front(on Robby's side) People were moshing, acting pure stupid at this concert! It was embarrassing, especially, when Johnny is wondering why people are moshing to NAME! I think he felt so bad for the people on the front, he kept randomly asking,"Are you OK?" to fans. and as you know, no NAME story.

I had brought A happy birthday poster for him. (yes, that was me!) Ian, my son, who is the one(or victim)I dressed up as Johnny! I held it up for a sec, for him to see. (which I gave to him, after the concert. They ended with 2 Days.

We went out to their bus, to make sure they were coming in.. I only saw John, and Robby. All my friend's got pics and whatnot from them. I went and talked with Mike and John on the bus. Johnny let me call my mom, and wish her Happy Birthday. He spoke to her, and wished her happy birthday and told her I should be there with her!(LOL) Mike and I found out we have best friend's named Heather M.(rather not put the last name) I hopped of the bus, took some pics with Lisa and Tabi,(greatest gals in the world) then off to Kansas City we went....till, Fort Wayne,IN

Kat's Pictures from the Show!


Johnny and Robby