From Inga


June 25th

Cologne, Germany

Hi everyone!

First of all: Thanks for this great Goo-website! I am a crazy fan from Germany but living in the USA at the moment (so please donít mind my mistakes...) I`d like to tell you about the Goo Goo Dolls- Show in Cologne, Germany, June 25,1999.

The club was really small, there were perhaps 200 people or even less (unfortunately the Goos arenít very popular in Germany, but I do my best to change this!). After the support- band, the Goo Goo Dolls entered the stage, beginning with "Dizzy", followed by 18 more songs from "Dizzy..." and "A Boy..." mostly, but they also played a few songs from "Hold Me Up" and "Superstar Car Wash" .(I was so lucky to be in the second row and could so read the setlist). When the keyboard player was introduced, John said: "This is Mr. Schulz, [a very German name] heís one of yours, do you want him back?" This was very funny! (of course, we don't want him back, he should stay with the Goo Dolls!)

The crowd was great, we all enjoyed the show very much! We sang, jumped up and down, waved... We were really crazy, and it was so much fun!

After the show, John and Robby signed things and talked with us (well, actually only Robby was able to talk with us, because John was immediately hidden in the crowd of people). Robby came out first and I asked him to sign my Goo Goo Dolls-t-shirt. While he was signing it, I asked him if John and Mike would come outside, too. He said that he didnít know, but perhaps. Then a picture of me and him was taken (thanks, Soong-yi!). Robby was very nice to us fans! Soon after, John came outside and signed my T-shirt, too. Unfortunately, Mike didnít join us.

This was the best concert Iíve ever seen! And Iím looking forward to seeing them again on September 4, 99, near Houston, Texas!!