From: Sarah

August 3, 1999
Blossom Music
Cincinnati, OH

Well, I just went to my 3rd Goo concert last night at Blossom in Cleveland, and I must say it was one of their finest!!! We didn't have the best seats but since the concert was totally AWESOME it made up for that!! Wow, I don't even know where to begin!! Sorry if this is too long!!

Me & my friends got there kinda late, but that was OK, because last time we saw Fastball with the Goo's we didn't like them too much. ( I'm not saying they suck, I'm just giving my opinion. =) Anyway, so OK I went kinda overboard with buying merchandise, but all their stuff was REALLY cool!! (Did anybody else notice that the prices went up from their last concerts? Oh well.) So we caught the end of Fastball, and waited for Sugar Ray. I do have Sugar Ray's CD's which is probably why I liked them more then other people there, people were saying that they didn't sound good, but I thought they were GREAT!! Mark was SOO awesome & cute with the crowd!! Gosh he sure has a lot energy!! Yeah their DJ guy came out on a bike & Rodney came out on some scouter thing, which was cool. Their set was pretty cool. They had brought their own bar, and during songs & when they were talking to the crowd they would go over & drink, it was pretty cool. As some of you may know Cleveland had their football team moved to Baltimore a couple years ago, and we recently got a new team & Mark was telling us how he was really happy we got the Browns back, (I thought it was kinda cool he knew about it=) Sugar Ray was just awesome, and I would love to see them again!! They're really funny on stage, you gotta love Mark's sense of humor!! Now to the Goo's.

One word to describe this performance, AMAZING!!! They came out with Dizzy (as usual) and just kicked ass!! John was wearing his white tank & green cargo pants, Robby had on black pants, a black tank & a black button up shirt over that, Mike was wearing khaki shorts & a Fastball shirt, I'm pretty sure Nathan was wearing all black, and Dave was wearing a red shirt & leather pants, which John made a little joke about. So the guys just rocked on & John & Robby had a lot of interaction with the crowd, some guy told John he & his girlfriend were getting married John got a real kick outta that & it was some girls birthday, which John congratulated both of them. The set list changed a little, but not by much. Everything happened like told by others. John told us about his dream about getting beat up by the BSB (ugh) (In the process he pretended he was getting beat up, it was the best!! It was SO funny!! You have to see it!!) Then he told everyone how he got more shit for writing 'Name' then Marilyn Manson did for getting "His titties pierced" & he said something like how Marilyn looked like a women like who needed implants AFTER his implants. He made several jokes about it, I just love John's sense of humor!!!! He was being so great!! It felt good to be one of the few to know ALL the songs they played. There were really little kids there with their parents who must've thought all their songs sounded like 'Iris' & were they in for a surprise!! lol!! A lot of people around me left because they thought the guys would've been different, it was weird. At the end they showed their GREED video which was kinda weird, but it was cool. They then after the encore came out with confetti EVERYWHERE, they played a few more songs, then did 'Two Days in February' which I think sounds SO great live the times I've heard it at their concerts & they showed the screen with the girl talking on the phone while they played. At the very end as people said, John & Robby threw their guitars into the screen, John's flew back out which was kinda strange, but it just fell to the stage. The concert was so totally awesome!!

For all of you out there who have yet to attend a Goo concert coming up, you'll have a blast!! With all the highlights of this concert, this will surely be a concert never forgotten!! Sorry for taking up so much space, but I thought this needed to be shared for those who have yet to attend.=) Later Goo fans!!