Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Amphitheatre
August 1, 2003
From: Amy

Well, first off, I got lost going to the venue. Can I say that Yahoo directions SUCK!!!? Ok, so I finally get there at like 20 after 6 and I'm thinking I have an hour till Goo comes on. I go ahead to my seat. It is about 10 rows back in the center section on Robby's side, so that's really cool. So I'm sitting there and a girl comes and sits beside me. She's a Jovi fan and we talk a little. While I was sitting there, I did see John duck from backstage to sidestage. I had been emailing catzi1966 and she was going to Cincy, so we had decided to try to meet up. I spotted her up in the 7th row in the center section more to John's side, so I went to talk to her. So we are talking and it's around 7PM. Out come the boys! I didn't think it started til 7:30PM!!! So that's where I stayed for the Goos. I'm so glad I did!! So they started off with Dizzy and Slide. I was standing in row 6 in front of catzi1966 and I was the ONLY one standing in that part of the row for a while. Also, there was no one standing in front of me at all so I had a clear view of the stage! After Slide I think, John looks at me and says, "You should really stop dressing like me." (I had on a black tank top and my camos and he had on a black tank and camos). I was dying (of embarrassment). So the show goes on. Catzi1966 had these pink glasses on she had made that said GOOS with the O's for the eyes. John was dying. He couldn't look at her or he would laugh. He was cracking up while he was singing. Then there's this chick down front with REAL big hair all in a wad on the front/top of her head. John asked her if it was her real hair. OMG!! He was in rare form. Then he started talking to the people who were in front of me sitting down. He was trying to get them to stand up, but it didn't work. Finally he told the woman that he wasn't picking on her. Robby said something like--"You look like a bump on a log, a pretty bump on a log, but a bump on a log." The setlist was:

Black Balloon
Big Machine
All Eyes on Me
Here is Gone
Tucked Away
What A Scene

(I think)

At the end of "Iris" after the break, John didn't come back in with the strong--"And I don't want the world to see me..." They did like a quiet ending. Someone else had posted that they changed the end of "Iris" at another show. I know I probably looked like I was in shock, that's how different and unexpected it was, but it was all GOOd still!!! It was fun meeting you catzi1966!! I'm sorry I bailed on Jovi, but I was tired after working and the long drive. I know you ladies probably had a blast!!!