From: Cathy

May 8, 1999
Jammin' On Main
Cincinnati, OH

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This was my second goo experience in one week. I just went to the Louisville, KY one on May 5, 1999, and I have to say that this event was so much better than the one in Louisville.

This was one beautiful day. It was sunny and cool when we first arrived in Cincinnati. We got there about 3:00 hoping that we will meet the guys before the concert. I wanted to give Johnny a pic I took with him at the Louisville concert. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet the guys. We entered the event area when we got there. The event doesn't start until 6:00 but watching them set up the stage was nice. Plus, we could get good spots for the concert! It was about 5:30, when the security guards started to round us up and make us leave! This isn't fair! There were already people lining up outside the gate and now, they want us to leave! No way! Terri, my friend, Keith, and I went together. We were all ready to hide in the port-o-pody, if we had too. Fortunately, we got the security people to let us wait inside the gate. Soon as they started to let people in, we ran to the stage! For this reason, I got front row! I can see Johnny & Robby up close! Plus I would be able to see Mike, Nathan, and Dave's faces this time! The event started a little after 6:00. The first performance was a bunch of different blues bands. They were pretty fun to listen to. More fun to watch though. There was this lady who was one stage in the back who was jammin to the blues! You can see that she was having a great time. I guess that is why they call this event Jammin on Main. It was during their performance the goos arrived in their tour bus. All of us in the front just screamed b/c they were here! I kind of felt bad for the performer b/c I think they knew we weren't screaming for them. Sorry!

The second performance was Frogpond. I got to see them in Louisville, and I really liked them. They were so much better in Cincy then in Louisville. The sound quality was so much better at this event too! Plus watching the drummer play his butt off was awesome. They performed two new songs. They said that since they never heard of us before, we wouldn't know the difference. They are a great band to listen too, but the members of the band are great people too. They were nice enough to sign our sticker(

The third performance was Fastball. They were better than Louisville. I think they interacted with the crowd more than before. They must have been into the performance too because the guitar player even broke a string on his guitar! They guy who was playing the keyboard was throwing his picks my way, but I didn't get some. Darn, I guess my eye contact worked, but I wasn't lucky enough to get somebody famous' pick( The annoying "biggest Fastball" fan got the pick. He was so annoying that my friend, Keith, turned to me and asked me if he could silt his wrist if he said one more time, "I can't believe it! I got a pick!" I was like, "Sure, that way we would have more space." I wish he would just go away since he finished watching Fastball, but he didn't.

The set up for the Goos took a while. We weren't allowed cameras for this concert, but the security guard guys there let everybody take pics. They were so nice. One of them even gave us his water bottle to drink from because we been standing there since 6:00 and the goos were performing at 10:10.

When the performance finally started, Johnny & Robby were really hyped. It looked like Johnny was in a better mood and health then he was at the Louisville concert. I was so glad that he looked better. Johnny was wearing a brown & white dyed tank top, brown pants with white striped running down the side. It looks like those addidas pants. Those pants that make those "swish, swash" sound when you walk in them. He also had that creamy color cowboy hat like before. Robby had on the usually black outfit, but he wasn't barefoot. He had socks on. I had a bad feeling when I saw those pants. My mom is the cleanest person in the world that food can be served on the floor at my house. And the thing is I'm not kidding. I am always afraid of slipping when I wear socks in my house. Unfortuantely, my bad feeling came true. Robby was very hyped at this concert. Making those usual funny faces. I was so hyped that I went ahead and did the same back to him. One time I blew him a kiss and he caught it! He's so adorable, I love him! It was about the third song. I think Robby was running or something. I had my eyes fixated on Johnny, because he looked so good. I really love Johnny! I want to marry him! (Did I actually write that down? Opps! Oh, well it is the truth!) Well, because I had my eyes on Johnny, I didn't actually see him slip & fall. But my friend, Terri, told me he did. I saw Robby at the corner of the stage and he looked like he was in a lot of pain. I was thinking, Johnny is finally recovering and now this?! This is awful! Robby had to change his bass because of the fall. When he came back on stage, he couldn't stay standing b/c they had to bring him a high stool to sit on. Johnny and Robby kept on making fun of that incidence and many times, Johnny told Robby to stop being a sissy, but I think Robby was really hurting. There was one time Robby said that he might have to come out with a cast on his knee next time. As I said before, Johnny was in a great mood. He was really jammin and looked like he really enjoyed this event. He would interact with the crowd a lot more then before & he did talk more. I have to say both of them talked more than at the Louisville concert. There were many memorable moments at the concert, but one especially touched me. During Iris, Nathan came up next to Robby and kissed him on his head. You just knew that everyone of them were great guys and they all cared for each other. For a man to publicly show how much he cares about his friend is rare.

When the performance was done, everybody wanted an encore. I did too, but I would of rather had Robby go to the hospital. It was hard to watch Robby have to have one of the crewmember help him off the stage by using his shoulder as support to stay standing. But these guys love us too much! Robby came back on stage hopping, and Johnny came out with a purple towel on his head. He had in one like I would when you just get out of the shower. He looked so cute! As usual, Johnny broke his guitar. There was a girl up front who had a pic of all three of them on a poster board. Johnny made sure that that girl got the guitar. That was really nice of him, but I wanted it too! The encore was as great as the performance! They really enjoyed being there! The crowd was great, the security guard was great and they guys were awesome! I had 300% better time here than at the Louisville concert.

It was kind of sad to see the guys go. I wanted more but I knew that Robby's health is more important. I was fortunate enough to get Johnny's pick and the song list off the stage. I was so happy that I had tears in my eyes! I tried to meet them after the concert to see how Robby was doing, but the tour bus left about 10 min after the concert. It took me that long to get out so they left in a hurry. I really hope that Robby went to the hospital to get that checked out. I will be praying that all three of the guys will stay in good health. Stay health guys! We all want you to because we love you!

Cathy's Pictures from the Show!

Robby and John

Robby and John