Chicago, IL - The Metro Bar
July 12, 2003
From: Amy

On to the Metro!!!! Some of my friends had been there since 6am and then around 10am, we are told that we can't line up until 2pm. First they backed us up down the sidewalk, then they just told us to get lost--we went across the street and kind of lined up. The good thing was, when other people went to line up at the doors, the Metro security were telling them to come over and talk to us about where they would be in line. We had it all under control. Most of Metro security was pretty cool, they came over and talked to us and told us they would tell us when to come over and all that. Around 2pm, we made the mad dash across the street and got ourselves all lined up. Now we were set. So it was almost time to go in and we were kind of let down because we saw that there were 50-75 people going in for the meet and greet. After waiting in line for so long all day, we were not going to be on the rail. We would still be close, but you know how spoiled we have become! So we go inside and go upstairs as fast as we can, but the rail is pretty much all taken up. I ended up about 5 people back right in front of John. The set was phenomenal. I don't think I have ever heard them sound better. One of my friends could see the set list before the show started, so she read it off to us. NAKED!!! was first!! John's voice sounded awesome. "Truth is a Whisper"--I could've died!! It was so hot in there, I was dying. During one Robby song, I think it may have been "Lucky Star", Robby was looking in my direction singing to me--now I know he probably couldn't see me, but he was looking my way. I think it was during "Broadway" that John and Greg started jamming and then Damage got in on the act. The set list, thanks to rette posting on WOG:

Long Way Down
Big Machine
Ya Never Know
Tucked Away
Black Balloon
Here Is Gone
Truth is a Whisper
Think About Me
Lucky Star
All Eyes On Me
What A Scene
January Friend
American Girl