Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
December 31, 2003

From: Holli

Ok guys, just got back to Nashville from Chicago!!!! Great show!!! When we were standing outside in line Greg came out of the hotel stood there for a minutes then went back in...I went to the dinner, major confusion going on there...but we did get to hear the soundcheck while we were wating! So we got on the rail...we were the second group of people let into the venue! Vamphire, R-ette, I'm Addicted and I were all on Robby's side! If anyone watched the televised broadcast I was the one with the light up Happy Goo Year sign, I'm Addicted had the other light up sign that said All I want 4 Xmas is Goo and World PEZ, Laurie also had a sign that said Happy Goo Year...that is what happens when you don't consult each other before making signs! LOL The Goos did not come on until 10 till midnight...Played Naked and Long Way Down then did the countdown. There were so many balloons that Miyoko was drowning in them in the pit area! Poor little thing. She gave us big GF stickers before the show and little GF stickers after the show! Thanks Miyoko!!! John was very funny with the balloon breasts! He told Greg to handle it because he could not reach the guitar strings with such big balloons! LOL That was when I got my camera out! I had to have a picture of that! LOL When Alice Peacock was on I felt something hit my arm. At first I could not figure out what it was, then I looked down and it was a Goo guitar pick! Guitar picks from heaven! LOL They did not throw any out during their show that I know of. So I took a whole roll of film during the show, they are being processed hopefully they came out GOOd! After the show was over we hung out in the HOB for a while. Andy, Robby's guitar tech threw a whole bag of confetti on me and Tigerlily! I think that I when I swallowed the confetti! Plus we got to meet Greg and Jason. They were both very nice. Told Greg how much we liked the show and that he did great! He said thanks and Happy New Year and shook our hands. Told Jason pretty much the same thing..he said thanks and Happy New Year as well... I wanted to say thank you to I'm Addicted for letting me stay with her and picking me up and dropping me off at the airport! Thank you!!!! Also thank you to anyone who lent me money! LOL I'll pm you! Then I had two more Goo moments at the airport. Went to buy a magazine to read while I was waiting...bought EW and was getting ready to walk out when what did I see...The Primier Magazine with the Goo cd! So I bought both...then when I was reading the EW there was a Discover ad with HOB and the Goos!!!! So both magazines had Goo stuff! Ok, I'm sure I forgot something, but I'm sure someone else will add more details. Have to go pick up my pictures now! hollivgood NYE HOB