Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
December 31, 2003

From: Vampyre1225

1st let me say that the only possible thing that could have made this show ANY better than it was, would be if Kim & Kelly could have been there to join us. We missed you!! What to add? Mike (Decaf) totally rocks!!!! When we got there for dinner, I saw him chatting with house security. I told him he probably wouldn't remember me from NO, but he surprisingly did! Gave him the gift bags for the guys. Mike is just the nicest, sweetest guy. I'm so glad they have him to take of them & us fans. Most of my highlights of the evening revolve around Robby's tech Andy. This may be really twisted, but I think I'm becoming more of a groupie to the band's support staff than the band. Andy completely rocked my world & started my 2003 off with the best smile. We pretty much smiled & waved to each other all night. Since Andy had been so sweet in NO, 1 of the gift bags I brought was for him. It included 1 of the glitter wands that I'm becoming infamous for. During Alice Peacock, we spotted Andy on the side of the stage tuning Robby's bass. I waved at him with my glitter wand. He smiled at me & ran off only to come back & wave at me with the glitter wand I had given him!!! Suddenly the front row over by me erupts into screams, laughs & finger pointing. I think we freaked out Alice's band a bit. BTW, Alice Peacock was a really bad choice for last night. We could hardly hear her voice above the music, all her songs sounded the same, everyone was talking over her & the energy in the room dropped like 75% while she was on stage. There were some on the rail trying to catch a quick nap while she was on. Robby was FABULOUS thru out the night!! He completely stole the show from my vantage point. TONS of interaction with the crowd. I must take this moment to thank r-ette for making so many great signs!! Since she had extra, I held up her Robby Rocks sign that had the PowerPuff Girls on it. Robby looked at it, placed his hands over his heart & extended them to me in thanks. He's just the sweetest thing! Miyoko was a doll all night. Handing out stickers before & after the show. There was a woman that came all the way from Tokyo by herself just for last night's show. After the show, Miyoko went looking for this woman to talk with her & make sure she got some stuff. Not sure if she found her or not. The glitter ball part of my glitter wand went flying during the show (that's what I get for using it to bat around balloons). Almost hit Robby. I'm so sorry Robby!! Andy grabbed it & after exchanging guitars with Robby, brought it out front to me. Did anyone else see Robby messing around behind Jason's keyboard during Sympathy? 1 minute he's sitting in front of the drum kit, next minute he's hiding behind the keyboard. I gave him a quizzical look & he just had this mischievous grin. Apparently, he unplugged a few wires while down there. The show was barely over, the house lights weren't even up yet & Andy was coming out to the front of the stage to hand me night's set list. After he drowned Holli & Tigerlily in confetti, he jumped down to the floor to give me a hug & kiss! I apologized for having part of my glitter wand fly onto the stage. He told me not to worry about it, he knows it was an accident & that I'm "good people." He's become my own personal guardian Goo angel. Just want to thank all of the WOGGERS that were there!! You ladies rock!! I'm so glad Holli, & Lady Goodiva were able to make it in last minute (LG has a couple of FABULOUS stories to share). I'm really hard pressed to say which was a better GOO experience, NO or NYE, but you folks really add so much to the whole experience!! Here's to a very GOOey 2003!! vamphrye HOB NYE